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For Chinese People

Discussion in 'General' started by ByePhilipe, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. In your experience, do Chinese people like Panda Express?
  2. Im a quater jap and I HIGHly enjoy it on occasion
  3. Do you eat traditional Japanese food? I was just wondering how it compares. I mean fast food I fast food but still.
  4. I'm all kinds of asian and don't even know what panda express is.

    Sorry, I dissapoint you again..

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  5. image-2306169295.png

    This is panda express that I have slightly demolished
  6. Not all the time hahaha I used to when my grammother who was from japan was still alive. And it is deffinatly a whole diffrent cuisene. Most of the asain food you get in america is americanised. I did prefer my grammothers home cooking to any resturaunt hands down.
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  7. Some of the best food I've ever had was in Japan.
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  8. I had this beef in Japan that was divine. Not sure if it was Kobe but it tasted like love.
  9. I'm asian, but hate panda express too oily for my taste...Try some Vietnamese pho if you have a chance
  10. Ive never been sadly, but plan on going there someday to learn more about the culture. Oh and also to bang out some slamming asains :metal:
  11. never ate there

    China King >
  12. No but i went to an authentic thai, malasyian and chinese redtaurant before an its exponentially better than any fake asian fast food
  13. They never sound like there having fun in porn
  14. Asians have some brutal porn man. :hide:
  15. Can't watch Asian porn lol. It does absolutely nothing for me.
  16. I think we can all agree, that Asian American take out is the shit. I can eat plates upon plates of egg rolls.
  17. I have Asian friends who enjoy it. They just see it as American food though because they don't actually serve shit like that in China.

    I mean, even in Japan there is no such thing as a sushi 'roll'.. Most Asian food we eat in the states is Westernized heavely.
  18. ^ Hey Jim Morrison, been lurking in GC for awhile just joined today, seen a lot of your post :wave:
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  19. Welcome to GC, man. Don't post nearly as much as I used to but I'm still around. :p

    Nice avatar too! :smoke:
  20. this is now an asian thread

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