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Which of the two is better?

  1. Dimmu Borgir

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  2. Cradle of Filth

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  1. of these two more famous black metal bands which do you think is better. Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir. I like Borgir 10X better than Filth
  2. damn, voted for filth, meaned to vote for borgir but me eyes tricked me again. so knowing that the situation is borgir 100% filth 0%
  3. Last night I was listening to cradle whith headphones on while I was watching Japanesse animea on cartoon net. Iwas like they were ment to be together.

    (very tripy)

    (vert tripy)

    (very tripy)
  4. yay. Borgir is gonna be on headbangers ball today.
  5. i believe that cof suck really hard.
    as for dimmu they're just ok.
    nothing to special.
    i prefer dark throne,mayhem and burzum and generally older stuff from the great norwegian and swedish black metal scene.
  6. borgir is kool but cradle blows it out of tha water
  7. Cradles terrible, theyre basically the NSYNC of Black Metal. And Dimmu Borgir is quickly turning into the KISS of Black Metal. If i had to choose one of these bands itd have to be Dimmu, simply for Enthrone Darkness Triumphant. I can easily name 10 bands off the top of my head that are 10X better than either one of these bands.
  8. Cradle made this one movie where Dani just ran around killin people pretty cool but thats about I like from them, Borgir has some amazing licks and some fuckin hardcore drums so I think we know where my vote went.
  9. I get to interview Behemoth :D
  10. Both suck in my opinion. Can't really get into black metal. I'm more of a death metal man. But for some reason, COF has like, 4 songs I just adore. But other than that, both suck.

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