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For Arizer Solo owners, how do you vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by rodgersizsik, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. How do you use your solo? Like what levels and how many hits or how long, etc.
    I usually let it heat till level 3, pack the bowl, put the stem inside the heating chamber and let it sit for a minute. Then I usually take 3-4 draws at level 3 and then increase it to level 5 and get 2-3 draws before it starts tasting nasty. Each draw I usually take for 15 seconds and hold in for 5 seconds. It works like a charm.

  2. when im at 3 or 4 i dont see vapour. 5 is the best temperature for quality vapour and getting really high. Any more and it heats it too much and gives you a nasty taste.
  3. Really? At 3 I get huge vapor clouds, not much of a difference between 3-5 for me.
  4. Pack about a .15 with a screen in there then hit at level 4 till it turns off then at 6 till the taste in unbearably bad. I never stir. Last time I counted it was about 30 hits every time and the abv is chocolate colored when done.I only use it for car trips to keep my high nice. Actually It go replaced by the ascent for that now.
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    i love to dab concentrates on a cotton ball and vape it. but when im usually vaping flowers i also use cotton to prvent the herb from:
    1) going into the stem and getting it dirty. even though i clean my stems with ISO this makes it so i have to do it less often.
    2) letting the herb directly touch the hot metal on the bottom. often this accounts for uneven vaping, and IMO is the solo's biggest flaw/Achilles heel. even though ive never seen this written anywhere its true. if you vape normal, there is convection occurring. the bottom part of the herb is touching the hot metal. if you vape with the solo upside down, which is quite doable though sometimes a pain in the ass, you can avoid this cuz the herb will be gravitationally pulled to the bottom of the bowl instead of the metal top. alternatively you can pack it tighly so it cant go either way but thats not possible with grinded which which arizer recommends you grind, though i prefer not to and i find the vape to work very evenly through
    edit: also 4 is the most even temp. 3 is too low, 5 is too high IME
  6. 30 hits? How long of hits do you take?
    How do do you like concentrates with the Solo? I am trying to get some hash oil and do the cotton ball method. Does it get you a lot higher than just bud? I've never tried oil so no idea what to expect but my friends dab a ton.
  7. Its hard to get a satisfying hit off the solo so its usually 30 second get a sizeable hit
  8. Yea that's true but if you're taking 30 second hits there is no way in hell you are getting 30 hits unless the last 20 taste like absolute shit.
  9. The solo taste bad after the first hit anyways... that's why it has been replaced with an ascent and the hammer.
  10. Has anyone used a DBV or a similar desktop vape? Can you compare the taste to that? Its the only vape I have used and I get amazing taste and that is the only thing I care about when getting a portable vape. I still think the solo is the best option because of the glass but Im hoping someone can confirm.
  11. You will most likely be disappointed with the flavor going from the dbv to a solo. It was the biggest difference I noticed between the two units other than draw restriction.
  12. I pack my tube put it in the solo on 4 and I get about 7-8 minutes of vapor. My herb taste like baked blueberries and the vape poo smells like baked blueberries. I get no nasty taste unless I do not clean the stem. I dont grind I just grab a nug and smash it in there and it works. It gets hotter at the bottom of the tube and the herb is darker but the more hits you take its all an even vape throughout. It all depends on the bud your putting in there. The bud does fall out from the stem into the oven but I never seen it burn, I just dump it out,,no biggie. I think its better than the extreme q/& balloon bags because Im not forcing it into my system.
  13. i don't fuck around with my solo's, i vape thru water all the time, I use the PA adapter because it heats faster/better, set on 7 ,heat with stem in, wait till it reaches temp, take huge hit, wait till solo  back to temp again (very quick with PA) repeat another half dozen times and done! no more vapor, herb is evenly cooked. I used to combust and I like the huge clouds, they are the ones that work for me.
  14. Could you further elaborate? What exactly is a PA adapter and how exactly are you doing it through water?
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    I believe he is referring to this: http://torontovaporizer.ca/vaporizer-accessories/arizeraccessories/solo-power-adapter.html
    I ordered my arizer solo about a month ago. It is my first vape and I love it. I vape outside now, as my girlfriend is pregnant. I find it amazing. beautiful high. I used to smoke daily and have been for around 6 years until I was introduced to vaping a month ago. I am proud to say that the arizer solo has definitely improved my life:)
  16. pack a bowl of freshly ground cannabis, clean the bowl up and insert into solo while upside down. I turn it on, set to 3, depending on how big the bowl was I may up it to 4 half way through the first 12 min sesh if its a dense bowl. After it turns on I up it to 5 and let it enjoy that, then empty the remains in my container of abv. I pull relatively slow but with strength so you can hear the airflow, usually about 6 seconds, draw a slight breath and spend 2-4 seconds with that, then exhale. For a larger hit, I inhale for about 15 seconds, hold for 5-6 and then exhale.  I usually either just do a bowl or two, if I really feel like getting high(where I get to meet the octopus that controls my brain, hes the one that saved me when I blew out a cloud of smoke that turned into a duck and skull fucked my lungs) i will do 3-4 bowls, all done twice, with 1 bowl containing a good amount of keif. 

  17. Wow so you just use the stock stem and put that into the bowl thingy for the bong? It actually draws nicely in the bong from the Solo?
    I use this 18mm adapter that fits the solo, I use 14mm for my water tubes .http://www.planetvape.ca/pvhegong-high-efficiency-gong.html
    you can use the stock stems with silicon tubing around them, some peeps do that but I like the draw and height of the adapters.
  19. I keep mine on at 4, I fucked my solo up though, mine was kind of special an instead of the timer going off every 10 minutes mine would make each bowl last 30 minutes minimum before it beeps off, an I can get a couple hours of use out of it but I held the on buttons to long and now it only lasts for 10 minutes each like it was supposed to lol Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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