For anyone who wants pictures of Osama's body

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  1. They found him?

    When was this?
  2. That's what I was thinking too...the translation is to broken to tell if they haven't released that one and only released the pictures of the other dead.
  3. ... I'm hoping this was sarcasm.
  4. The fuck?!

    This shit needs a disclaimer or something

  5. Ahhhhh...the little angel, He's sleepin like a little baby
  6. those are pictures of his sons (i think) who were killed during the raid, only US officials have the real pictures of his body and they will not be released to the public, and i have a feeling they won't just get "leaked" either
  7. We only know what they want us to know.
  8. Ohhh so that was Bin Laden in the giant bunker in the middle of a residential area located only 800 yards from an enemy military academy who burned their own trash and never left the house...? Now we'll just wait a week to tell everyone that we got em, and in the meantime dump his body in the the ocean.

    Not to mention the whole 'burial by sea' is far from traditional Muslim practice.
  9. They havent, and I believe Obama said they wont. They may eventually, but right now, it would be more like a big 'fuck you' to al-queda
  10. I know the US won't release it, but I feel like more than one person took a picture. I mean on regular homicide cases many cops take pictures and send them around to each other so I feel like at least two people took a picture of his dead body...its gotta come out sometime
  11. How can it not be sarcasm?
  12. The dead guy has a watch on his left hand. Osama is left handed. He wears a watch on his right hand.
  13. Not to mention he's about 30 years too young.
  14. He had a son living with him, that's the dead guy
  15. I know, i just don't want people going around believing that is Osama
  16. I want to see the fucking afghan kush plants that they said were growing there
  17. what the FUCK language is that cus I want to use my page translator

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