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  1. Whenever I buy a new pack (3 times a week-im not a strong smoker), I seem to keep the pack in perfect condition until about half of the cigarettes are gone, and then it creases and bends and gets all worn looking from being in my pocket. So because it looks like this I suck down the rest of a pack to buy a new one because I cannot stand beat up packs. Does anyone else do this or am I just f'd in the head?
  2. I wouldn't say you are "f'ed up in the head " but I do not do that myself...
  3. That happens to my pack.... but I don't really mind. LoL. I did have a cigarette case a whle back, but somehow lost it, along with 8 camel jades... pissed me off...

    Buy a Cigarette Case.
  4. I agree, and if it helps you cut down, all the better.
  5. i think you're just nuts. my pack got finished off last night, and i'm thinking about just not buying another one. cigarettes suck.
  6. I wouldnt say your crazy. I told myself that i would quit smoking cigarettes as soon as I went through a full pack that stayed perfectly intact and kept its form perfectly.

    I've been trying to quit lately but I always find myself buying a pack of cigarettes when I can't get bud.
  7. Seems like you're subconsciencely (sp?) making up an excuse so you can justify smoking lots of cigarettes.

    I've been smoking way too many cigarettes lately, like 1 1/2 packs a day. I relaly need to quit, but the thought of not smoking another cigarette scares me.
  8. YOU, my friend are nuts. Cigs are the best feeling ever. Even better is smoking a cig while on opiates :) I smoke about a pack every other week. But I also share that pack with two other people. We take lots of precautions to make sure none of us get addicted. We just smoke for the buzz.
  9. i mean not the best feeling...i dunno. i only like smoking when i'm fucked up.

    to each his own...
  10. smoking is ok, i really dont want to get addicted to tobacco.. chew is better IMO
  11. chew is disgusting, if yall want a nice nic buzz throw in some plug. man my granddaddy gave me a slice of plug when i was nine while we were hunting, then he beat my ass for puking so loud and scaring away the animals. i couldnt keep it in but that shit made me not see straight for twenty minutes. fuckin nuts.
  12. Chew apparently puts fur on your tongue?
    I'd say get a cigarette case like Durban suggested :)

  13. :hello: good for you, bro!!

    in the other thread when you said you spit up blood i got real concerned :eek:

    best of luck to you :smoke:
  14. Plus IS chewing tobacco.
  15. I'm not addicted to ciggerattes but boy i love em.

    I could go a week without them without feeling i need them.

    But sometimes, Like when im really drunk like im getting close to i jus crave them.

    And i go to an adult ed/alternative highschool. For drop outs and people up to 65 years old. Dont accept ages or normal highschool students.

    So being an adult ed, And us being adults, We're allowed to smoke.

    And seriously 8/10 people smoke ciggerattes and 9/10 people smoke herb.

    So you go outside if you smoke cigs, Non smokers usualy stay together. Well i cant stand being inside.

    So going there i started smoking cigs more jus because everybody did and i felt craves for them.

    Now i smoke daily, Ill smoke 10ish a day. Then like today, Its 10:00 at night and i havent smoked a single ciggeratte all day long.

    I will smoke one in a hour or so prolly, I only got one port left, Im straight. I prolly wont smoke any tommrow and will wait till monday to get more.

    So i smoke newport 100's, And im not addicted but i love them. So i guess ima rare occasion.

    But anyways to the topic, Naa i dont give a fuck when it happens. I get hard packs anyways.
  16. yeah i am also trying to quit thanks for Fire Fighter Training, but i hate it more when they accidently sell me a soft pack but as for the cig case i do agree with that
  17. Get a cigarette case. I would like to get one.

    Roll your own cigarettes, though if you get the pouch it does that sort of thing alot since it's soft. If you get the barrel or cylindrical container of rolling tobacco, you're set, but you have to lug that thing around if you want to roll anywhere but home, but if you roll ten to twenty, you can last per day pretty well with those, but you still need a case in that case.

    You can also acquire finer tobacco products that come in a hard, cardboard box, like Nat Shermans. Those boxes don't bend nearly as easily and the larger amount of tobacco per cigarette and its natural taste prevent you from smoking a great deal of cigarettes. The more natural a cigarette is, the higher nicotine content, the less you smoke. Pure, unflavored, uncured tobacco, smoke, has so much nicotine in it that it would kill you or knock you out in one puff, to give you a general idea at how much tobacco can vary in nicotine content.

    Personally, for the cheaper man, I would get a cigarette case and roll your own with long rolling paper. If you like filters, zig zag has recently come out with a very fine cigarette filter that can be fitted to a well rolled cigarette. I might want to pick one of those up myself.

    Some of the mainstream brands of rolling tobacco include:
    Bali Shag, Drum (my fav), Top. etc.

    Good rolling papers include: Rizlas, Zig Zags (somewhat of a debate on this, but I like them), hempire (thin, but doesn't affect taste of tobacco much), Bambu (considered by some to be the best rolling paper around).

    Anyways, roll with some longer papers, natural Drum tobacco , Zig Zag filter, silver cigarette case, twenty pre rolled or, if preferred, rolled in a machine or dollar bill = happy smoker.

    EDIT: Here's some rolling paper info.
  18. Holy shit, your grandfather sounds like the most badass guy ever

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