For anyone anywhere by Seattle, this could be the most important...

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  1. ....weekend in our state's history. With Initiative I-1068 we need about 200,000 more signatures to make the ballot and this Friday-Monday is Folklife which is one of the biggest events in Seattle that gets 300,000+ people attending through the 4 days. Sensible Washington's goal is to get 50-75,000 signatures this weekend which would take out a HUGE dent and is absolutely vital for us to make the ballot and end cannabis prohibition in our state.

    However, we need 1,900 man hours to get these kind of numbers so we need EVERYONE'S help. Even if you have never helped before, PLEASE sign up here Signature-gathering at Folklife: Make a Dent! | Sensible Washington and volunteer this weekend. Recent UW polling shows us passing by a 17% (!!!) margin if we make the ballot so we must do everything we can do to get the signatures.

    What makes this so important is that we have a few "secret" donors who have paid for professional polling and signature counting and they're deciding on whether they'll continue to support us (possibly through some paid signature gatherers which would be huge) on how good we can do this weekend, if we can get large numbers we may be in business, if not than it could make it pretty improbably (though not impossible) for us to make the ballot.

    Please sign up and help out, nothing you can do besides working on this initiative will have such an immediate and needed impact.
  2. i'm so doing thissssss! thanks buddy! see you there?
  3. I'll be there! See you both, I hope!
  4. Yeah I'll definitely be there all 4 days! Great to see you both coming!!

    Renata I'm guessing you're one and the same with the one I know :wave:
  5. yeeeeeee I'll be going tomoroww should be fun as last year..
  6. already signed it!!!
  7. Get dem sigs!

    I'm out here collecting them in Eastern WA. I've got 10, lol, yeah my town sucks.
  8. Im out here in eastern Washington too collecting sigs its a little tough being as people are quite conservative out here but we'll get it done:hello:
  9. How was te folklife turnout? for signatures
  10. yeah so does anyone know how many signatures we got at folklife?
  11. Too bad the weather wasn't very friendly :(
  12. We had really lofty goals and they weren't met, but we were still able to pull in around 12,000 signatures and over 500 newly registered voters within the 4 day period.
  13. so since we didnt get the signatures we were looking for, when is the due date for the signatures and what are our chances of passing?

    and how many more signatures do we need?
  14. You guys better hit the conscius culture festival on june 11-12th. It could be our last hope.
  15. How many signatures do we have now?

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