for any that wear glasses..

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. am i the only one or is it jus me that gets pissed off at my glasses....they always seem to fall down my face and is any1 els that wear glasses like me and are, i guess you could say a "neat freak" like i always have to clean my glasses cuz i hate seein spots and shit all over them and such... or always wiping them...i wear contacts during the day but without contacts, or glasses i cant see a fucking thing, and i hope to get lasik reall soon
  2. Yeah i hear yeah, they suck.
  3. I have contacts, but I don't wear them half the time, my eyesight isn't that bad. I used to have Bifocals, and lemmee tell you, that SUCKED.
  4. I won't wear glasses, I absolutley refuse. I have contacts but I usually don't wear them. I should though, my vision is bad enough that I legally can't drive without them in.

  5. lol i need either 1.... my vision is so bad i cant see a fuckin thing or even drive down my own street
  6. Yeah I wore glasses for most of my life and it's fucking annoying and shitty. I wear contacts now and everytime I put my glasses on, I thank myself for getting contacts. You should get em, they're hella easy to manage too.
  7. Except when I smoke with mine in and I get red eye, my eyes dry out and my contacts fall out, so always have your case or some visene with you.

  8. ya when i smoke my eyes can get red and dry w/ my contacts in...but when i put drops in sometimes parts of my eyes are nice and white, others are red like i missed a spot lol
  9. Ooh, that never happens to me, that would suck.

    Anyone know if Visine is bad for contacts? Cuz I heard it was, but I've been using it regularly :)smoking:) and my contacts seem fine.
  10. you shouldnt have a prob with visine i use clear eyes n i got contacts n it works fine if its working for u go for it i dont hink theres ntohign wrong with visnen contacts
  11. They make a type of visine for contacts (and its called just that.. Visine for contacts). I also just spray some of the solution in my eye that I use to clean the contacts... USually helps ith the redeye.
  12. I wear glasses, 3x green tinted prescription. I just asked for them to be tinted green and they did it.
  13. How much extra does that cost?
  14. wow really?? how much xtra is that

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