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  1. They are going on tour for the fall/winter...just announced it today...check it out:

    TUE 11/10 Aspen, CO @ Belly Up Aspen (Aggrolites support)

    WED 11/11 Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre (Aggrolites support, The Inspector Cluzo opens)

    THU 11/12 Omaha, NE @ Sokol Auditorium (Aggrolites support, The Inspector Cluzo opens)

    FRI 11/13 Lawrence, KS @ Liberty Hall (Aggrolites support, The Inspector Cluzo opens)

    SAT 11/14 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave (Aggrolites support, The Inspector Cluzo opens)

    TUE 11/17 Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall (Aggrolites support, The Inspector Cluzo opens)

    WED 11/18 Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues (Aggrolites support, The Inspector Cluzo opens)

    THU 11/19 New York, NY @ Terminal 5 (Aggrolites support, The Inspector Cluzo opens)

    FRI 11/20 Providence, RI @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (Aggrolites support, The Inspector Cluzo opens)

    SAT 11/21 Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata Events Center (with 311)

    for the longest time me and my friend were planing on goint to the NJ show with 311 (which would be sick) but its 7 hours away and i just found out today that they play in providence RI the day before that and its way fuckin closer to my house.

    Any other SS fans going to any of these shows???
  2. ugh sadley i couldn't make the one in boston, ma this summer and providence is a bit too far for me this time.

  3. that sucks man...i live about 20 minutes from the comcast center so i obviously saw them with snoop (btw i was in the pit and was within feet of them the whole show) and i also live about 35-40 minutes away from lupos so ima definetly go to the lupo's show (and im gonna wait for after the show so maybe i can blaze with them...who knows)

    but u seriously missed out with blazed and confused...apparently it was the best show on the whole setlist and the only show where snoop played with show ive ever been to

    gonna be my 5th time seeing them
  4. It seems they never hit texas anymore..
  5. fuck no Florida. Soooooooooo pissed that I missed Blazed and Confused in Tampa :[
  6. Probably not, since there's nothing in Florida. I'd love to be in Aspen during that show though.
  7. this tour is a american/european tour so they said that the only places in america that they are going to are their favorite venues and lucky enough to live pretty close to one of their faves

    i agree tho i would be pissed if they went on tour and didnt go near me
  8. saw their eugene show last year it was siiiiiick:hello:
  9. i'd go to the nj show with 311 but im seeing sonic youth with dinosaur jr that day, and as an alternative music loving freak i would rather jack off with sandpaper using purell as lube than miss that.

    guess i'll have to wait till the next tour, which sucks cuz i said that when i missed em last time on the tour with snoop dogg.
  10. not coming anywhere near me ;_________________________;
  11. fuck, their going to lupos and i'll be out of town :(
  12. ah man they never come to tennessee...where i live.

    ive had them on my mailing list for over 5 years now and asked them to come to nasvhille,knoxville, or memphis several times :( .... true fan .
  13. I'm definitely hitting up one of the OH dates.
  14. Saw them last night in SB. It was such a sick concert, Pepper and Rebelution were there as well, but it seemed like they played a lot more punk shit than "ska reggae" i.e. Fat Spliffs, This Joint, Officer.
  15. none in maine of course

  16. dude thats fuckin sick tho...wish i coulda gone to that show...but ya ive been to shows where they did waaayyyyy too much punk...honestly everyone who listens to SS blazes...who wants to listen to punk when ur getting high...not me...sick that u got to see other great bands too, pepper and rebelution are also great bands

    2 months til i get to see them gonna go fuckin wild that night...possibly a good night for a candyflip
  17. Ya it was definitely one of the best concerts i have ever been to before. There was alot of moshing going on, but i was tripping too hard from the lights and smoke effects to even realize it at the time. Never have i seen so many people light up at once like i did when "Closer to the Sun" came on :smoke:
  18. damn, they need to come to Chicago

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