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for all you toking couples out there

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shyguy42, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. so ive came up with a pretty sweet way for you and your partner to enjoy smoking weed a bit more. and it will lead to much more then it is, granted you know what your doing ;)

    so this girl and i decided to catch a double feature at the drive in theater last night. the drive in is great for toking too btw:p. we say hangover, and drag me to hell (sweet movie btw, but wasnt very realistic at parts) anyway, durring intermission, we decided to fire up the ol' bubbler. this was our first official "date" but shit has been happening previous to this. anyway on with the story.

    being the gentleman i was, i offered her the first toke of the bubbler, but i put a twist on it. i had her take the hit, then i would kiss her, and inhale thus taking the hit from her. its effectivness of getting high is questionable but hey, at least it tasted like cherry lip-chap.

    anyways, i just thought id post this on here for all your partners to read and try. may it lead to great things.
  2. shutgun with a girl is quite enjoyable.:)
  3. Lol I believe this method has already been discovered. Its called a shotgun , could be meant in a sexual or non sexual way.

  4. well then.... now i know the name for it.
  5. Ah yes, the shotgun. I pretty much only get high with my girl, so when I'm wanting a little action I'll give her a shotgun or two, and I always get at least a little somethin in return. Just today, she wanted to see me puff on a j, while she was on top. One of the best sex memories ever!
  6. Lucky man!
  7. I'm pretty sure the shotgun was invented a few hundred years ago ;)
  8. been there done that lol

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