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For All You Stoners Who Smoke And Dont Want Parents Or Room Mates To Know

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Crackhead420, May 25, 2013.

    Buy something like this, go outside and smoke, have a mint and its totally safe to come back in! It will cover your whole body so you can just take it off after smoking and you don't have to wash it or anything!
    Im also wondering if anyone knows any other plastic raincoats that covers the whole body except the mouth and eyes? UK websites only please

  2. Or just put a fan facing out the window. I lived with my parents and my room was connected to the living room. I could hit my bong at 4pm while they were in the living room. Fan in the window has never failed me.
  3. See what I don't understand is how people smoke in their rooms yet still don't get caught, I smoked up in a friends closet before which was in like the highest place of the house and got caught
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    Because it's a closet with little to no ventilation. A fan in the window is pushing the smoke outside and it disperses right away. It only smells like 2 feet from where I smoked but it's gone in about 5 min after smoking.
  5. Yhh but there was a room next to it (the only room leading to it) with a giant open window
  6. or if your room is next to your parents its obvious
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    Yeah see but the window is just open nothing is happening. Smoke will just linger around it and not go out of it. And even the slightest breeze can push the smoke back inside.
    I'm just saying if you want to smoke inside, controlled hits off a pipe or bong, fan in the window, and a slight slight hint of febreeze after and you are golden.
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    That's genius! From now on, if anyone wants to know how to do drugs in their parents' house, I'll send them here.
    Yeah true, I'm just saying I wouldn't risk it because my parents have such good sense of smell and theyre room is right next to mine
    Haha I didn't mean inside the house, I meant like going to the park then smoking with it on then going home
  10. Cheapest DIY Method to this,garbage bag and do a hole on the top.
    Cost: 0$
    Difficulty:Easy as a motherfucker.
  11. Yeahhh but what about the arms? and even if you make holes through the arms your arms will still smell of it
  12. Shirtless,or take other garbage bags :p prob got tons of it so why not abuse them ahhah
  13. Why go through all of the trouble? Are your parents bloodhounds? I just do it outside, never had a problem. I've come inside and talked to my mom within like 3 minutes of smoking and she's none the wiser.
  14. Ahaha if all else fails ill try this
    My parents would just know, when I came home around 3 and a half hours after smoking they said "I smell smoke" and whenever I smoke with my jacket on it still has a burnt rope like smell weeks after
  15. Make a sploof. I have special method that I have used without it ever failing.
    Take a small plastic bottle, 16oz is best. Cut 5-7 holes in bottom. Fill with drier sheets. Done.
    Blow smoke through, smells like laundry.
  16. Fan in the window is genius.. I just moved back into my parents house from college and the first thing i bought was a window fan that I could switch to exhaust. I've smoked a couple of blunts in my room and my parents didn't suspect a thing  :smoke:
  17. Great idea, only a crackhead would think of it. :hello: :devious:
  18. This is about smoking outdoors though so sploofs and fans would be useless and ahah thanks but I'm no crackhead :L
  19. when I was young my folks went away for a week. I smoked unlimited bongs in my room everyday for that week, and on the last day of having the house free I vacuumed and cleaned my room, changed my sheets and opened my window. They got back and had absolutely no idea.
  20. I usually don't smoke outside because my family are the type of people to ask what I'm doing outside. I smoke in my room and always blow the smoke out the window, then I clear the bong again and blow it out the window. If you put the bong away in a sealed container immediately after using it then it will create a lot less smell. I have odour detecting air fresheners and stuff like that so the room deodourises itself even when I'm not in it. I put a draught blocker at the bottom of my door and always have the fan on, to move the air out and as background noise. A lot of smoke will escape under the door if you don't block it.

    It takes about 20 mins for the room to be fresh enough for me to open the door again. People do suspect that I smoke but I'm not admitting anything.
    Going outside to smoke all the time seems like a pain.

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