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for all you parents out there...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. yeah, if you have kids (since you are parents) and do smoke weed a bunch, what are your views on letting your kids smoke... or how would you react if you found them smoking...

    this question is with a bit of common sense... nothing under 16 years old...
  2. yea i was wondering that too
  4. thats what i will let my kids do
  5. man, Im gonna be a smokin parent, im only 15 now but me and my dad bond like fire and snow. If ya get my metaphor or wutever. anyway, we'd bond so much better if we smoked together n stuff, would be awsome.
  6. yea i wish my parents felt the same way about weed as i do.
  7. one of mine does and we have a wonderful relationship
  8. I have kids that don't smoke but know that what ever they want to do, they have to discuss with me first. I would send their asses out the door if I found out they were doing any type of drug behind my back..

    I would give them the FACTS and educate them before they do anything!

  9. I just got confused. One of your what does???

    If I were a parent, and my kids were at least 16 and wanted to do it, I'd let them. I started at 16 so I couldn't be hypocritical about it. They'd have to be responsible about it though.
  10. I think he means one of his parents, and yep I agree with ya rmjl

  11. :D
    one of my parents smokes, it has brought us much closer, not to say we weren't before it just strengthened it
  12. whats the other parent think bout it?
  13. can't stop you, please be careful, not in the house, understands that some people can live perfectly normal healthy lives w/ pot, but would prefer i left it alone.
  14. i am sooooooooo going to let my kids smoke weed, shit i will even do it with them. i am gonna be the best parent, to make up for my parents mistakes, i do not want to turn out like my mom, my dad is pretty kewl, but my mom... if they do any harder drugs then i will kick their ass.

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