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Discussion in 'General' started by Offspring123, May 27, 2006.

  1. What's your high score on Brick? mines 488

    Oh and don't lie about your score cause that's not cool. :wave:
  2. the ball bouncy one right? i think 300 something... not sure, i love the name that song game though lol
  3. I was in the 400s when the ipod ran out of battery :(
  4. Like 12, I never was good at that game. I am all over quiz game.
  5. i LOVE that game. i dont really play brick that often.
  6. i think i got low 600's in detention once
  7. high teens....never higher then 20 though...quite sad if you knew how many times ive played it

  8. ok i am confused :confused: there are 4 games on an iPod. Parachute, brick, music quiz and solitare.

    I think you are talking about brick
  9. I played the other day and I got pretty high. I also got as very high score on the parachute game... I just sat there killing commies for like 20 minutes
  10. hahaha i suck at brick. i play parachute all the time, i like to aim for their parachutes instead of the little guy. if you hit the parachute it disappears and the little dude freefalls to the ground and i chuckle. SPLAT!:devious:
  11. got 111 today at work. best yet.

    i always end up hitting the ball with the edge of the paddle, and it starts flying way too fast to keep up.
  12. once you get so far in the game once the ball hits the first brick then it turns into 2 balls, then later on 3, ect.
  13. i havent played brick in a while, hig 120 in parachute then got bored and stopped.

    fun shit, make the shrapnel of the exploding plane kill other plans and commies for super points :)
  14. sorry man
    i was talking about the music quiz... thats the only game i really play

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