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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dmginc34, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. What the hell do you do with all that weed once youve harvested? Do you keep it all for personal use, or do you sell? IM thinking about trying to grow a few plants around my yard this year, and seeing the numbers for how much you get off a plant, im not sure id know what to do with all that weed.
  2. id smoke it all, with friends or by myself

  3. i smoke mine, and give it away to close friends......Peace out.........Sid
  4. Yeah, thats what im going to do. Screw selling it, i want it all for myself!
  5. When I eventually grow, it's all gonna be personal use.
    No selling. That's one of the conditions of me being able to
  6. i grow for personal use, and give some to my homegirl and homeboys... oh yea, i give a part to my father aswell....
  7. id save it for personal use and smoke up anyone thats helped me out..... and id probably smoke some more
  8. i keep and smoke most of it but give some away to mates and that, and what evers left i usually just sell.

    But its so hard to depart with that lovely weed so not much gets sold haha
  9. shit myself, i would sale some to get some profit, then the other few pounds i would have to smoke.
  10. Share you buds.
  11. I smoke my buds myself and smoke my friends always. If i had more buds i would have sold a few zips for a return on my supplies. But my other 2 plants conked out on me, one male and one molded. Next year i plan to do a grow and sell a bit.
  12. i could never smoke everything i grew.
  13. id sell it if i was u

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