For all you "anxious" tokers

Discussion in 'General' started by da_sAUCE!, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I've noticed recently that more and more people are posting stories about how pot is making them have anxiety attacks now, even though when they started everything was fine.

    are any of you taking Venlafaxine or "Effexor"?

    This is a rare known THC contraindiction. This combo can produce extreme feelings of anxiety, such as tachycardia (racing pulse), increased sweat, dizzyness and nausea.
  2. pills=lame
  3. I've always found weed to help my anxiety unless I smoke too much. I've never been on any prescribed medicine, and I've had anxiety for years before I ever started doing drugs, but I suspect cocaine may have made it a tad worse...
  4. Same for me. MJ, as long as I do not abuse it and smoke a lot, helps with all kinds of anxiety for me.

    It is when i smoke too often( more than two grams a day) that the more negative effects start to become apparent
  5. I have anxiety. When I'm high around people I know it reduces my anxiety, but when I'm around people I don't know then it makes it worse.
  6. Smoking a lot then taking a tolerance break = bad for me. In some ways smoking weed helps my anxiety but it depends on the situation. If I get into a big group of people I don't know I will be fine but as soon as I smoke I will feel awkward. There is no real way to describe it. Usually I will feel like I don't relate to people and have a hard time making a conversation then I start to feel weird like I don't fit in and start having negative thoughts when in reality no one notices unless I'm not saying anything obviously.
  7. pills= the gvts new way to get us to quit...if its no longer fun then well stop right? fuck no..BOYCOT THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES

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