For all those who do not know what to give your loved ones for Valentines Day

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. [FONT=&quot]At least it will give you a lot of attention.....



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  2. LMAO. thats hysterical. i love it. wish i had somebody to buy it for :[
  3. Best shirt in the history of shirts
  4. I'm thinking of buying one for my father in law LOL
  5. what website did you find it on? x
  6. nice shirt..:D lol
  7. No idea, to be honest, but the first shop that sells it, I'm buying.... imagine wearing this job to your next job interview?????
  8. LMFAO.

    Nice one SJ, everyone loves a steamer.

    But isn't this against forum rules? :p;):wave:
  9. hahahaha that is the best i want it
  10. it sure is, so let this be a warning for everyone, no pornography on GC!!!!

  11. not even boobs? :p
  12. seems that cleavage is allowed in pandoras box, off course I have never noticed that...

  13. and we love you for letting it go, man:D

    Superjoint you dabble in that yayo, or was there another reason for the "hurray for cheaper coke" thread"? :p
  14. "cockshirt"


    "Dude are you rocking a cock shirt?"
  16. OMFG! That's genious!
  17. No one just buys chocolate and flowers no more? :p

  18. Haha, was thinking the same.

    But that t-shirt is awesome, I think I would get it for my brother-in-law.
  19. Where's the black one?

  20. This ones funny on black people too. Maybe even funnier

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