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For all those that want to smoke inside and not get caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mc9391, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Buy a one hitter please. I see posts everyday about people asking how to smoke inside and not get caught. Buy a one hitter, smoke by your window, exhale out the window with a sploof, or just hang out the window and exhale but make sure the smoke doesnt blow back inside. Every night i do this around 11 pm when everyone in my house is asleep. Just rip the one hitter all the way thru and no smoke will come back out the other end like what happens with bowls/ bongs. You will have to pack it probly 3-5 times depending on the weed quality (last weekend i had some dank ass nugs, i packed my one hitter twice and got ripped and stopped), and it also conserves your weed and makes it last longer. They are also cheap as fuck, i bought a good one for 4 dollars.
  2. Also if u have a bong and u just put a little bit of weed in it u can just hit the entire bowl and then blow all the smoke out the window
  3. Or better yet, get a launch box.
  4. Yeah I got tired of this question 15 times a day.

    Ozium is all you need. My LHS has their own brand "Mr. Danks"
  5. All of the responses in this thread work. Oh yeah, one-hitters are amazing, just saying. :Cool:
  6. or you can just smoke when you know people going to be out for awhile and you can smoke in the bathroom and act like you taking a shower
  7. when i was in high school we used spoofs just a empty tp roll filled with dryer sheets smelled like fresh laundry just dont let the bowl cherry or your fucked haha
  8. #9 fucking baked, Nov 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2011
    hey guys this might be news to you, but you know like when your parents go somewhere for a bit and you can blaze all you want?


    its like that all the time

  9. nah i dont trust my neighbor outside and its getting to cold for that shit lol
  10. Vaporizers FTW.

    Magic Flight Launch Box is a great little portable unit.

    Extreme Q, Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, etc. are great standing units. for supplemental information.
  11. very true. bought a one hitter last night for the exact reason. oh yeah, it also helps converse buds a ton. a gram of dank now lasts me whole weekend if i'm smoking alone =]
  12. Just toke out the window during a shower then turn on your fan.

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