For all the bimmer fans ;). Goodies inside.

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  1. I didn't see a point in doing this before but now that I see theres quite a bit of BMW fans on here, I decided to. This is going to be a thread fully dedicated to my E30 build. I hope you enjoy ;)

    E30 318i Coupe
    Suspension Overhaul
    E46 M3 Cluster
    Small Bumper Conversion
    5 Lug Conversion
    E46 M3 Seats

    E46 M3 Engine
    Custom Turbo Kit
    Methanol Injection
    EST. 570hp - 93 OCT - Full Meth Tank // 518hp - 93 OCT - Empty Meth Tank
    GOAL: 420+ HP Daily Driver
    Current Engine HP EST. 338hp

  2. Le E30
    Extra engine to mess around with
    Block is being sent out to be honed to OE specs.
    Engine on stand being prepped for piston, crankshaft, connecting rod, oil pump and rear main seal removal
    Waterpump, still in good condition but being replaced with one with a metal impeller.
  3. Before I drop the pistons, I threw Lucas Oil to preserve the cylinders while I grabbed some tools from the shop
    Injectors, Harness w/o ECU, some other goodies.
    Engine with the old head on it. Four bent valves but I have another head with 20K :hello:

    My man Collie! Jammin' with me the whole way.
  4. Wish I could enlarge the pictures :/ But damn 570 hp? That's gonna be amazing! I really don't know much about cars so all these pictures don't make sense to me lol.
  5. I know! Tinypic was being a douche so I had to use which doesn't let them size up. HPF states 570 on they're Stage One kit with methanol injection and full tank. Im going to have a custom turbo thats bigger than their stage one and other custom parts. The pictures won't mean anything to a lot of people but if you have any questions, just ask :). Most of them are just parts to my engine that bolt on in some way to form a 338hp powerplant :hello:.
  6. Awesome man, are you doing this by yourself or at a shop?
  7. By myself for the most part. Im having shops do powder coating, honing the block (the rust took a little surface area off the cylinders which means in theory they are not OEM size which would offset the piston), tool and lift borrowing lol. All of the E30 suspension, brakes, etc I can do. Most of the engine work I can do but might need my shop's techs here or there.
  8. Ah sweet man. Good luck :) I'll be sure to keep checking for updates :)

    I'm about to head to Autozone for another can of paint and then to the junkyard...this paint is expensive...8 bucks a can -.-
  9. Jeez.. better be some special ass paint haha. Ill be posting some more pics soon and I have to go help a buddy with his VW also, but take care for now!
  10. S54 e30? I jizzed a little. And I don't think I've ever seen an e30 w e46 seats! Can't wait!
  11. Yessir :smoke:. I found out there are two main power wires that will make the motor work (automatic seats) and as for bolting in, I heard there was no problem but ive yet to buy interior. Working more on the motor as of now.

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