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  1. For anyone interested in the cosmos and whats above us, you should definitely check this out.

    Hubble's Best Photos : Discovery News

    its really interesting and some of the descriptions really show how insignificant we are in this universe, :smoking:.
  2. it looks like god is coming up a huge firestorm that is gunna seriously fuck shit up...if there was a god?

    na but seriously, that picture is really awesome and so is the universe and space in general...awesome/fascinating/mind blowing/holy fuck-y.

    unfortunately there is so much we dont know about it..we dont have enough to "judge" it or what not, we need to start adventuring more and venturing out....however like what hawkings said earlier this month... maybe finding aliens or other ifebeings isn't a good idea... i mean think about it.. after depriving their planet for its resources-it was time to move the fuck out, and earth is going to be the next target..and when they arrive there wont be obama or whatever president coming and handshaking them..there's going to be total annihilation and maybe even the extinction of man.

    and according to statistics..there's about 15 other "earths" just like ours...just from probability...crazyness

  3. Na i really don't think that Hawking was right when he said that. i believe that if the other species in this universe have evolved into consciousness, that they too have a passion and a strive to seek out into the cosmos and contact other life forms. lol yeah, :smoking:.
  4. yea but its human nature to always seek out to be "the top dog" and honestly if we(earth) found a new earth, i can safely say that we would take it over, colonize it, extract their resources and dump 'em before we can even think about alliance/treaty/help/ whatever
  5. just like the poor native americans :(

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