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For All Of You People Who Live In Your Parents House.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokecrown, May 24, 2013.

  1. i know this has probably been said but for everyone who lives in there parents house you all should invest in a vape. i have a mflb, very stealth i simply go on my porch on a sunny day vape a trench and im baked. if you use it outside no smell but if u use it inside theres a small smell. also the mflb is probably the most bang for ur buck unless u can invest in a better vape.[6] :bongin:  :hide:  :bongin:

  2. My vape isnt stealthy haha it sits on my table.
  3. Yeah I use my mflb at home all the time. I use it inside though lol. It doesnt have a lasting smell unless you're burning the weed. And man does it work  :smoking:
  4. i live with my parents and i have a mflb too. EVERDAY IM VAPIN :hello:
  5. I live with my parents and I have an mflb, arizer extreme q and a Roor Bong. The mflb was the first out of the 3 I bought and the roor was my newest pick up. I just love smoking more.

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  6. my dad knows i smoke he dosnt care, i take my joint n lean out the window or bong ripp just put my thumb over the bowl blow out he basicly says just dont let me smell it if you smoke it on a windy day the smell gets so dialuted it dosnt matter
  7. I live with my parents and prefer bongs and blunts. But I don't like to let the smell get outside...too risky  :bongin:
  8. I live at my parents home on breaks from College, like right now, and they don't really care. I get really good grades (just won a scholarship) so if I continue to they let me do what I want to. I just wait to night or when nobody is home out of respect. 
    This. Get your shit done. They should respect you for what you've done, not what you do.
  10. I agree with the above 2 comments.
  11. Vape a trench? Dayum I am old. The last time i checked, a trench was a ditch dug in the dirt.
  12. lol...

  14. Hella, I got the Raw and I rip it whereever and whenever I want.
  15. NO! I will not listen to you!
    I love my Zong!
  16. Can't do it burning blunts in my room.
    The fuck is your problem?
  18. lol phuck you
  19. I use my Vapor Genie all the time.  I"m so high right now.
  20. Seriously, a vape won't give you away at all.  I used to smoke mine in my room and just leave the window open and the rents never smelled a thing

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