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  1. As someone that likes not only being high but especially having longgg smoking sessions. that means sitting down with friends and rolling blunt after blunt and then hitting the bong for some time until you are stuck in your seat. This of course requires a long play list of smoking songs. obviously you would have some ludacris, some snoop, dogg, big l, cypress ect the list is too long to put them all down. but wtf is the deal with all of these classics falling off..ludacris making a song with justin bieber?! snoop dogg with soulja boy?? wtf happened to hip hop! i just wanted to see what some fellow smokers think of the state of hip hop! and how you feel about so many people selling outt to this T-pain auto tune bullshit!
  2. i dont like rap but iam gonna agree and say music back then was 100% better then now
  3. Hip-hop is still alive and strong. Youre just looking at the artists who are looking for the money and carrier than making good, humble music. Heres a list of underground hiphop albums that came/are comming out in january 2010 that you should look out for:
    January 5

    Katharine McPhee – Unbroken
    Slum Village - Fantastic Vol. 2.10
    X.O. – 1-1-10

    January 12

    40 Glocc - Concrete Jungle
    MF Grimm – Supreme Excellence
    Oh No – Dr. No's Ethiopium
    Factor - 13 Stories

    January 19

    Dessa - A Badly Broken Code
    Mac Dre - The Best Of Mac Dre: Volume Five
    Meek Mill - Flamers 3 Gangsta Grillz
    RJD2 – The Colossus
    Styles P & DJ Green Lantern - The Green Ghost Project
    Wizeguys - Guerrilla Warfare

    January 26

    DJ KaySlay - More Than Just A DJ
    J Stalin - Prenuptial Agreement
    Mitchy Slick presents Wrongkid - Yellow Tape
    Strong Arm Steady & Madlib - Stoney Jackson \t\t\t\t\t\t

    See, good music is still being put out today.
  4. dude everybodys doin diff shit now..thats what hip hop is now

    stop dwellin on the old stuff, we all know its classic, we dont need to lsiten to only that ya know?

    common did a song with the jonas brothers..gza is working with weezer and i think alan did a song with justin timberlake..

    some of them turn out for the better, but most for the worst
  5. and yeah if nething..since the start of 09 hip hop has gotten a LOT better

    a lot of the legends came back for cds this year n last..
  6. Hip hop is alive and well my friend, it just had to dip from above the surface. It's chillin' deep underground now

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