for all my ass-men out there

Discussion in 'General' started by scoobydooby67, May 23, 2006.

  1. Damn...I'd go to her concert just to see that, well maybe not but I'll watch the video again:p
  2. i can't look at her in a sexual way just for the fact that my dad talks about her constantly. that and i'm a tit man.
  3. Not bad.... shitty resolution though.
  4. gimme 5 minutes, maybe even fo - make her wanna marry a *****.

    Cant stand her music, but i would let her ride it
  5. haha same here, i think her "hips dont lie" song sound like fucking Cher. but i would let her shake those beach balls on this goalpost.
  6. tap dat anytime!
  7. *drools* I want some ass now... +rep for sharing that with me... god damn!!!
  8. wat i would do to tap that..
  9. Goddamn, could you imagine how that would feel to be layin on your back and have her straddling you while goin crazy with those hips, I don't think even the most experience porn men could last a minute...
  10. She is considered a genious, aswell. She knows 5? languages if I remember right. And a whole buncha other mumbo jumbo.
  11. duh dude, thats why i showed the lusting after her intellect. why, what'd you think i was looking at? :p
  12. her brains must be in her ass. thats why its able to move so indepently from the rest of her.

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