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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sidious, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. well the last plant is finally dry and is currently cureing in my airtight stainless tin.....this is the one which i gave double the recommended finished approx 2 weeks after the first.......height before harvest approx 20-22" dry weight 1 3/4 oz......not a lot from the one plant however the last grow i got gave me 6-7oz and i'd rather have one oz of this to the's a very small plant and easy to grow....strain Hawaii Maui Waui.......Peace out....Sid

    ps as i don't buy weed how much would this stuff sell for wherever you are?
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  6. i take it all back......make that 1 1/4 oz.....i've not got the best scales in the i've weighed it a few times and that's abouit the've gotta get me some digital scales.....first i bought the camera and now i need the scales......anything else digital i need? i reckon the diffrence must have been the extra 2 weeks, weird how that worked out, must have been the fert after all!.....and i'm gonna order some of that top shooter you were talking about and some super thrive......can you use both at the same time?......Peace out....Sid
  7. nice looking buds sid..very tasty..i used super thrive my last grow it made a huge difference..good stuff!
  8. man, in the U.S that'd be considered 30 a gram.
    possibly 25 if you want to be nice.
  9. You could probably sell that to the greedy rich kids around here for $25-30 a gram. It looks like some very nice bud. Great job on the grow....
  10. $25-30 a gram and there's what 28 grams in an oz?....that's a lot of out....Sid
  11. it would be about 20 a gram over here.
  12. super thrive? think they sell that in any stores like lowes or home depot. how much is it? is it a bag?

    where i live i guess you can sell it for 10 bucks a gram.we have some pretty good bud running around everywhere. i doubt that you would be able to sell it for 10$ a g i know someone who had some similar bud and nobody wanted to buy it cuz it was too much for a gram. the only reason ive been dry for a week is because i have no money.
  13. i know somepeople who would probably pay 70 for an 1/8 of that, but the weed here isn't all that wonderful and ungoddly expensive. back home you could not sell it for more than 50 an 1/8. thats what, 14, 15 a gram or something like that.

    hey sid, whats w/ the american flag, i thought you were in scotland.

    edit- oh yeah, absolutly mouth watering
  14. i am in Scotland....i posted it for all the amearicans out there, the stars and stripes are painted onto my wall on one side and the red star of belgrade on the signify the end of the cold war......Peace out.....Sid
  15. Sidious, is that a rabbit's foot?
  16. i wouldn't be as cruel as to chop off a poor little bunny's out....Sid
  17. Thats some good looking bud Sid!
  18. Hey sid, the Hawaii 5/0 looks gorgeous. No need to ask what you intend to do when you tire of labouring at the forge !!
  19. sid fucking awesome harvist!

    to bad scottland is not on my way to fla....
  20. Dirty i so wish Scotland was on your would be good to see you my friend, but hey....i guess Scotland is too far away!!.....takle care on your travels my friend......Peace out.....Sid

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