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    Left 4 Dead's upcoming downloadable content just got even cooler: it's coming to PCs and 360s for free.
    By Michael Thompson | Last updated February 11, 2009 2:52

    "Just about everyone was excited to hear the recent announcement about Left 4 Dead's incoming downloadable content, dubbed the "Survival Pack." The only concern that people had was the possibility that the content might come with a price tag for the Xbox 360. Now, gamers will be even more excited about the DLC, because Valve has officially announced that the Survival Pack will be coming to PCs and 360s for free.
    According to Steam News, the developers got right to the point with the news: "The recently announced Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content (L4D DLC) will be delivered to Xbox 360 and PC gamers free of charge." It certainly doesn't get more up front than that.
    The Survival Pack is set to feature a new multiplayer game mode, "Survival," as well as two complete campaigns for Versus Mode, "Death Toll" and "Dead Air". Exactly what these modes will entail or when this content is due to be released has yet to be announced by Valve. Since the content will be added to new retail copies of the game, it only seems reasonable that Valve would make this available for free to previous customers."

    Yaaaaaay. No charge for 360 gamers now.
  2. I fail so bad.. it has an odour.
  3. Still amazing news, even though it's old. I'm so excited to be able to play the other two campaigns on versus. That's all that's even worth playing on the game anymore, so I'm glad they're doing something with it.
    Interested to see what survival mode is gonna be about, too.
  4. Yeah lots of people still don't know of this, I'm quite excited.
    Some people in a game I randomly joined today were complaining about how we couldn't start a campaign in Death Toll or Dead Air so I informed them,
    they were tickled pink by the news.
  5. valve knows gaming.

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