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  1. For a weed forum Grasscity seems extremely conservative? Which is the opposite of what I expected since decriminalizing drugs/socially accepting drugs is more of a liberal type of mind set. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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  2. in my 7 years on here i've only seen a few people have conservative views on drugs. have any links or anything to back this up?
  3. Conservatives, generally seem to be more outspoken here.
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    I'm pretty conservative, but I'm not blind. Alcohol is worse for you than weed is, so yeah it's bullshit that it's taken this long to get the ball rolling on legalization.

    Stronger stuff though...should probably continue to be controlled substances. That shit ruins lives.
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  5. Absolutely my friend. There are a lot of us around here who reject the Paradigm of liberal and conservative and just like to think for ourselves. I personally believe that leftists, progressives, liberals or whatever else you want to label them are just as anti individual freedom as the right-wing can be just indifferent situations.

    I used to be a hard-core Republican and a Marine and now I despise Republicans as much as I despise Democrats and despise the state. I now simply believe in individual Freedom over collectivism, over the good of society, over everything. In this particular matter there should be no substance, including every drug known to mankind, that should be banned by anyone.

    It is none of anyone else's business what another person puts in their body, provided they are not causing direct harm to another person, and no individual or group of individuals getting together and calling themselves the government should have any right to infringe upon that.
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  6. Conservatives are more outspoken because their way of life is constantly under threat. They don't like change.
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  7. They do not like to be forced to change their way of life just because a bunch of other people think they should.

    If I had to put a label on myself I would probably be more on the conservative side, even though I hate saying that, only because can identify with the feeling that my way of life is constantly under threat by the ever-encroaching leftist Dogma that the state and the media propagates every day. It seems to me that these people think head if you do not believe what they believe then you should be oppressed and no one should give a damn and you should just be silenced and shut up because their group can scream louder than your group.
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  8. Can you give a thorough explanation of why you believe that you or anyone else has the right to tell another sovereign individual what substance they may or may not put into their own body?
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  9. I understand that no one should force them to change their way of life, but a lot of things that don't personally apply to them they are against. Gay marriage for one shouldn't be anyones business besides the 2 people that are getting married. If you don't support same sex couple relationships then don't be in one.
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  10. And another thing that I really can't get behind is conservatives (in MS at least where I currently live) forcing religion in their laws under the claim of religious freedom. They take religious freedom in a way that they are free to force their religion upon everyone rather than every person being able to be free from religion. Mississippis new "Religious Freedom Bill" is killing me even though its just laws that allow people to legally discriminate against people.
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  11. We are on the same page here my man. No one should be able to force their personal opinions on another person even if hundreds of millions of people vote for it. That includes drug use and taxation.
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    I agree that no one should tell me what I can or can't put into my body. At the time I recognize that if other drugs were readily available to people, it would be a detriment to society.
  13. I missed that last part about people being legally allowed to discriminate against other people. I absolutely and fully support that. No one should be forced, by law and violence, to do business with or serve anyone for any reason that they do not voluntarily choose to. As mr. Green has pointed out before about a small town where there is only one store and one place to buy Goods I still support that businesses right to turn down service to anyone even if it is just because they are gay or their hair is blonde or they have weird looking toes. The state should have absolutely no say whatsoever in any matters of private business.
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  14. How so? You realize that drugs of any kind we're not a problem all throughout history until the states got involved and made it a problem right? The state deliberately created a problem so that they could profit off of it. There is absolutely no other reason why the state wants drugs to be illegal other than profit profit profit
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  15. We need more free thinkers. I'm agreeing to true freedom. Something we are supposed to have. Why do I need someone to control every aspect of my life? I don't.

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  16. Right on and nice avatar! I love a good beard stroking.
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  17. Thanks brother!

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  18. Government or the state is nothing more than a monopoly on the use of force. It produces nothing that it didn't first take (by force) from someone else.

    "The government spenders forget that they are taking the money from A in order to pay it to B. Or rather, they know this very well; but while they dilate upon all the benefits of the process to B, and all the wonderful things he will have which he would not have had if the money had not been transferred to him, they forget the effects of the transaction on A. B is seen; A is forgotten."
    ~Henry Hazlet, Economics in One Lesson

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  19. It produced the internet that you are using (Along with a ton of other items). :poke:
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  20. The role of government is not to produce anything, thus your "point" is moot.

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