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For a party, should I buy mids or dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by benwise, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. There's going to be...maybe 10 people there, only 5-6 of which will smoke. People might take a puff or what not, but we're planning on getting like $50 worth which should suffice, and we're debating on whether to buy like 4g-5g of Northern Lights, or just like a quarter of mids.

    If anyone can help me choose, and explain why (If we get a shit load of schwag / mids, we're going to roll like 8 blunts, we're going to be drinking too so I'm not going to risk some dipshit breaking my bong) thanks for the answers.

    -Edit, in case it matters, people will be chipping in (Or, atleast the ones who are smoking are, I think) and we're probably going to max $50-60 because we already spent $80ish on alcohol, not trying to rape everyone's money.
  2. party=blunts
  3. Go far the 4-5 grams of Northern Lights that's a steal!
  4. I don't know the exact amount, my friend just knows guys who sell it and he said he might be able to hook us up. We might, if taking that route, get a lot less and I'd be disappointed.

  5. i mean fr 60 your prob only guunna get 3.5 of dank, 4 if hes given you bangin hookup
  6. definitely go mids, everyone is going to be hogging the shit
  7. Mids for the party. dank for you =)
  8. Definitely not, I'm the biggest smoker, if they try to chief they're out. And I'll be keeping the extra, as I'm paying over half and I chipped in on the booze.

    It's one or the other, sadly :(
  9. Maybe get both, variety is the spice of life.

  10. Mids and blunts = best option. Especially if drinking is going to be involved.
  11. It depends on how much you want to look back on the night and smile.

    Mids = Good Time

    Dank = Excellent Time
  12. Alrighty.

    Do you suggest drinking before, after, during, etc, while smoking. I hear smoking first makes you able to drink more, less nausea, etc...And I also heard that drinking first than smoking gives you headaches and the spins....I want to have fun, not be sick. :)

    Thanks everyone for tolerating my barrage of questions :D
  13. for real
  14. Get the mids. If you're going to be drunk then I definitely suggest the mids. Don't want to get too high on the dank and have a shitty night, do you?
  15. It's fine, we're glad to help. Always smoke before drinking. Drinking first could easily ruin your night.
  16. Thanks, I'll make sure to remember that. Probably going to be smoking a blunt at a football game, than going to this party.

    Should be a good night.
  17. Get the money, say you fronted the guy the money, and he beat you. Buy the dank, smoke the dank the next night. You win.
  18. I would get the mids for a party, and take the northern lights and save it for later. Some people don't appreciate high quality weed. So I would keep that for a smaller roto session.
  19. I'd suggest investing in a quality box vaporizer in the future. Makes every party better.
  20. It would be broken, without a doubt. If you understood how retarded 1-2 of my friends get from weed/alcohol, you wouldn't bring anything worth over $20 near them, especially if breakable. I'd bring a bowl, but they'd probably flush it or smash it with a hammer...They broke my friends glass kitchen table (we were using it for pong) and that was quite a story we had to make to explain it to his parents... ;s!

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