for a million dollars

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  1. would you stick a toothpick up your dickhole?
    like half of the toothpick
    i dont think i could even attempt it.

  2. I wouldn't, it makes me cringe even thinking about it..
  3. for a million dollars, fuck yeah
  4. What about the ladies?! would it be a toothpick in the vag? Cause if that's the case then I'll do it hahahha
  5. Depends, if no taxes are taken out then fuck yes. With 1 million dollars I can get my dickhole repaired if there's any damage

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  6. Would any straight guy take it up the ass for 400 million?
    I think any sane person would. They would never have to move a finger for the rest of their life. Just sit back and relax, and smoke blunts.
  8. I'd do some fucked up shit for 400 million.

    Oh well. I will carry my shame all the way to the bank.
  9. That's WAY more acceptable than toothpick up the dick. :eek:
    I'd just buy a damn cushion.
  10. Really? That's all you've got? I'd do it for ten bucks.. Maybe even a 40 or two. 
  11. Yeah to be honest even though I cringe reading it.. Anyway my roommate got tested for herpes a month ago and said the test consisted of them sticking a q-tip halfway into his dick hole. Why? Don't ask me. Lol but he said he was pissing blood for the next 2 days after. Yikesss
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    I soak the toothpicks in gas, stick them in my dick, and light them on fire. The local hospital emergency room knows me very well. I do this on a daily basis for free. I post the videos on a website, but I charge $$$ to view the vids.
    Google 1 guy 1 cup and watch that vid.
  13. Couldnt he have waited for the herps to show itself? I wonder how dirty were the people doing it when they created the first case of herpes.
  14. I couldn't do it
  15. I would! Shit for 400 million id do a lot worse than that
  16. I'd fucking shove the whole thing up there, wiggle it around and LIKE IT for that amount of money.
  17. I'd call a nigga "daddy" too for that much money, shit.
  18. I'd call him BIG Daddy haha.

    I hate threads like this though. They always make me feel poor, and they make me envision stuff I'll never have... Sigh.
  19. awe sheeit *close eyes, scringes* lemme see it >.<
  20. I guess but why wait for herpes to show up? lol he went to get tested just as like a monthly thing

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