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For a 1/4 of purp...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mira, May 28, 2009.

  1. I've got some leftover money and was thinking of picking up a 1/4 Ounce of purp.

    You know, dank as hell but nothing to tell your friends about a la white widow, ak-47, etc.

    My dealer quoted me 115, does this seem a bit high?
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    100 is the max for some killlller purple. the dank dank top shelf is around 110.. maybe..

    115 is way too much bro. id turn it down. its only 7 grams for 115. thats more than 15 a gram. whats the point of buying in bulk?

    i pay 70 for quarters of purple usually.
  3. purp around texas is usually 100 straight for the good stuff. but ive seen it as low as 90 and as high as 120.
  4. alright, i'll give him a ring and let him know i'm not paying 115. he's a good friend and has been for years and he's usually more than willing to drop me down a couple bills so i'm sure he'll give it to me for a benjamin.
  5. Well an eighth of purp around me is 60 and I live in an overpriced area so.. It's up to you.
  6. that seems kinda high. i get my purp for 90 a quarter n 140 a half. i think you should ask him to go down to 100.
  7. You guys pay a lot of money for a color.
  8. Not fair! I pay $60 an eighth for dank, Tennessee is not good for ganja.
  9. try to work him down or say you have other options of shit for $95 but you'd rather buy from him if he matches the price. $115 for a quarter is no break at all considering you're buying in bulk.
  10. #10 skateskunked, May 28, 2009
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    its as high as 160 a q around here , as low as 120 for regular headies

    i dont think 115 is that bad , ask for a sample , if u think its worth it , then buy it man , money is so overrated , just blow it
  11. 115's not terrible for some good purp
  12. buy it for 115 a quarter, but recently where I live, any bud with the slightest hint of purple on it is selling for $65-$75/8th, so that may or may not be a good deal, it all depends on where you live i guess.
  13. Around the suburbs in michigan purps usually run 20/g or 60/8er, so that would be a good deal with those prices in mind but depending on where you are it may be different
  14. +rep fasho, money is so overrated but no one ever admits it :hello:
  15. people bust heads on purple here in SC. like 70 an eighth or more. 25 a gram.

    i'd go for 115 or try for 100 of course.
  16. maybe if its all purple 115 is still high, i wouldnt feel cheated getting it for 100 if its really good
  17. i pay 60 1/8 120 a 1/4 so

    good deal too me, id buy it

    how can you not feel cheated paying 100 but you do paying 15 more??

    if anything everyone buying weed period should feel cheated.

    quarter of purps SHOULD be 20 bucks.

  18. What an amazing quote, God Bless you man :)
  19. I normally see it in the 105-120 range for a quarter of some good herb in my area.
  20. You should ask him to lower his price to 100 and if he does, go for it.

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