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  1. I'm going into my senior year and im wondering if i should play 6'8 almost 6'9 315 lb. But im not that muscular most of that weight is fat (which ive been hitting the gym to work on). To any previous players, how is the running compared to basketball? I remember running sucked in freshmen bball but it got me into much better shape.

    Also will i have to quit smoking? ie will there be drug tests.

    But should i play anyway, is it worth it for getting in better shape?
  2. lol nice^^^^ assuming you are a older senior.. then I would for surly play some football if your that big of a dude.
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    you'd deff be on the line and probably start unless your school is like state champs or insanely stacked.

    my school had a shitty team. I was 5'7 155 my sr year and started tail back. I took some fucking nasty hits on kick return too.

    my school didn't test people. we had a small school though with only 22-26 kids playing on average while the other schools had 40-50 kids. the bigger the school is the greater chance you have of being tested.if they tested our team we wouldn't of had one lol. the running is about the same a b ball
  4. Ask someone on the football team?:confused:
  5. I play for my school we have 1500 students probably 50 on the team we dont get tested. but the conditioning is pretty intense at practices. Its a tough sport to keep up with but you just gotta be in shape pretty much and youll be fine just hit the weight room man. Compared to bball.. your not running up and down a court constantley. you get like a 20 sec break between every play. and to answer your question. Hell yeah you should play. Dude if we had someone your size blocking for us our qb would never get sacked. just get bulked up. hit the weight room and get in shape for it.
  6. I am 6 3 and 230 lbs and play da game
    The running sucks but thts the way it is
    I smoke before practices all the time and its alot funner
    Ive played my whole life
    Ive had ups and downs in the game but its a great game and well worth the suffering
  7. Fuck American football play rugby
  8. This was at an average sized school.
    No drug tests.

    The running, eh I believe we worked the hardest in the county (we didn't have the best talent) and we did quite of bit of running. Running such as, 2- 4 gassers (sprint 50 yards down and back, then do it again so total of 200 yards within a time limit) after practice.
    Conditioning for after workouts varied from, 10 x 100yard sprints, 100,90,80,70 and so on until 0, 1 1/2 mile, stadiums, plyometrics, jump ropes. A lot of it was paired with something else (ie, plyo + jump rope + sprints, mile + stadiums, plyo + mile, etc)

    One thing I HIGHLY suggest is work on your recovery time. When you are tired and out of breath DO NOT bend over, slow your breathing down and concentrated on recovering and lowering your heart rate back down.

    Football is a very intense sport and it is not easy. (people will hate on it, but you don't see them out there doing the work)
    Personally football made me want to quit smoking and of course for health reasons as I became more aware and started to actually want to live a very healthy life. I would say just go with edibles or vape if you can if you do need to get high.

    Also you are a very big person! Got damn! Blessed with size I must say. Expect to be on the oline(very important position right there, people don't give them enough credit) or dline if you are quick and athletic (even Dend if you are one of those athletically gifted people). I'd go with noseguard or dtackle but I'm no coach :).

    The lifting is also intense. (at least it should be, but it's all on how you push yourself)

    If you are pretty fat then expect to shed a lot of fat and gaining muscle.
    Also if you do decide to stick with it (I'll be rooting for yah :)) do not be soft when you get into pads. Be ruthless on that field. Coaches despise soft players and your teammates will know you as the "pussy" on the field.

    All in all, it is as intense as you make it. You can completely bullshit through everything and don't get anything done and just waste peoples' time. Or you can bust your ass, get better and make yourself and everybody else proud :)
    Also I heard to not masturbate the day before a game. Idk why but yeah...

    I hope I helped ^.^ feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to help you out.
  9. I played football (varsity, linebacker) all four years during high school. If you can tolerate the "bros" I'd go for it. There were only a handful of non-douchy guys on my team.

    Though I was first string. In middle school I was fat and I was a second string tackle. I never got to play in games and worked just as hard as everyone else and I lasted 6th and half of 7th. After that I said fuck it and quit. I don't mind practicing and I actually enjoy lifting weights but playing is the main reason to join a team ...
  10. i played quarterback behind a really small offensive line for 4 years. got the shit kicked out of me. youll probably start on offensive line. but its a lot of running. most teams have to sprint a lot and do some crazy conditioning.
  11. stadetoulousain.jpg


    As has been said above, rugby is better...
  12. ...if you have a vagina
  13. I would agree with that statement, if it were attached to football, or as its called across the pond, 'soccer'.

    The players really haven't got a hope in hell...

    Still, the hooliganism makes up for that ;)
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    this thread is about american football

  15. American football is like rugby only after health and safety have visited
  16. yOu seem HugE
  17. There is a fiendishness that only comes from British public schools to invent a game where you can only pass backwards...

    I mean how difficult can it be to throw a ball forwards, stop between each play when the ball touches the ground, and coat yourself up in all manner of body armour? I mean even the name is stolen...

    Sorry, i'll stop derailing the thread now...:eek:

  18. i read somewhere that the impact in football is greater than the impact in rugby due to the added weight and solid construction of the pads. those pads are hard as fuck pieces of plastic and there are plenty of body parts unprotected.

    but i will admit rugby is the king of manly man sports
  19. Its been almost 20 yrs since I played footbal for a school and they drug tested us back then. It was part if the standard physical. Im in Texas though. We ran our asses off before and after practice. Ur gonna be a lineman, defense or offense, and seriously, why are you just now playing football?

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