Footbag aka Hacky sack

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Willyummyweed, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. What footbag should I chose to get the most consecutive hits? What are panels? Beginner, I started last week, I am up to 20 in a row.
  2. i love footbag!
    i've got a metal bead filled one that is awesome for doing stalls and shit.
    i think the panels have to do with how tight and bouncy it is? more panels makes it more flat and good for stalls, while less make is good for just kicking it around?

    i can't quite remember
  3. Get a sandbag, they are the best HANDS down.
    Footbag and Hacky Sack Store - | Footbag (Hacky Sack) Store
    Pretty much anything that looks like one of those. No one I know has ever even mentioned panels, a hackey sack is a hackey sack all that matters is it has the right weight and a nice material.. such as sand.

    Edit: Looking at those bags, we usually use 14+ panels I guess. I'm assuming thats what the numbers next to them are. We would play kill all the time and tricks.
  4. Oh my jeebus I freakin OWN at hackey sack...wish I knew more people who played
  5. Man just play, try learning stalls and stuff. Start with toe stalls, move to inside, outside.. jester stalls.

    Thats my favorite part of hackey sack is the tricks.
  6. I have been playing and I have gotten pretty good, but I heard panels matter about pop. Why do they make so many different paneled hacky sacks if it didn't matter?

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