Footage the cops didn't want to get out

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    Are you fucking kidding me?


    The cops were kicking him in the head and even hit him with a car!

    OH MY GOD!

    EDIT: Did anyone see the cop push them off and then one sprints off and he chases after the cop that sprints off? What the fuck was that?
  2. That's just wrong man. Why would they do something like that? He was obviously not a threat because he was handcuffed.
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    I wouldn't have a problem shooting every single one of those cops in the face.

    we really really don't like guns in the city /pawlywog
  4. No matter what the charge, that's ridiculous man. I can't believe the shit they get away with.

    Similar to the Todd Blair video, (youtube) the SWAT storms in and shoots him 3 times, killing him instantly.:eek:
  5. WHAT! I didnt even notice that the first time. That's so fucking random.
  6. I liked your post man because this is the stuff that the public needs to be more informed on. This is absolutely ridiculous
  7. um. wow the mayor didnt want us to see it? shows how great this whole situation is...
  8. Protect and Serve! Their definitely serving him up some justice right there! :rolleyes: 5 grown men kicking and stomping the shit outta a 15 year old is fucking repulsive.
  9. fucking pigs
  10. i hope every single one of those cops get murdered... im serious.. fuck em
  11. Yeah, it's shit like this that makes me want to start serving out my own vigilante justice.
  12. When I saw this I was so outraged I posted that shit on my facebook. Seriously people are trippin off their power. +rep OP, nice find
  13. This is why I smile every time I hear about a cop's death.
  14. for real, i mean if 5 dudes did that to a pig, theyd all be in jail for a LOOOOONG ass time.. but these guys are gonna get a slap on the wrist, while we'd get years..
  15. this is the reason why i cant be a cop

    but what morons, its just a job.

    do it put people in jail.

    im not sure why they have such a hard time doing it.

    i actually talked to a cop on a personal level one ticket.

    and he was real cool and actually hated his job its just all he thought he could do in life.

    sorta sad.
  16. I hope all those cops get anally raped at some point in their lives to the point of their assholes turning inside out.
  17. ya like the rest of you i am outraged and disgusted the guy did not resist one bit , hell how could he they started by hitting him with a car and then kicking him repeatedly. Then the major goes into cover her ass mode and threatens legal prosecution for anyone that shows the tape , and then the next day backs down.

    the major should go to jail for obstruction of justice ......period

    the cop that drove that car should go to jail for attempted murder

    and so should the cop that kicked him the head

    and the rest of those cops should get the harshest sentence you can get for beating

    someone. Ya that tape really pissed me off, they could have easily killed that kid
  18. Put them behind bars they're not fit for society.

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