Footage released of Guardian editors destroying Snowden hard drives

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  2. dont you love it when the idiots are so sure of them selves and the smart people are full of doubt, +rep to whoever knows the author of that quote
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  4. :laughing: I meant someone besides the obvious handful of blades that read philosophy, still I wish I could rep :( youd get a lot of rep from me.
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    what did they accomplish by destroying the hard drives,? isnt all the data duplicated like a handful of times,
    i think thats unwritten rule #1
    I doubt you start working for nsa if you dont back up important shit like that
    So true man...
  7. I wonder if they were only threatened out also paid off.
  8. "It was purely a symbolic act," Johnson said. "We knew that. GCHQ knew that. And the government knew that," He added: "It was the most surreal event I have witnessed in British journalism."
    Surely this data still exists outside of NSA hands. Right?
  9. Snowden says he no longer has any classified information. The Guardian probably pussied out but Greenwald has balls of steel and he probably has the data hidden somewhere. But seriously they need to just release it already on a torrent. or they are going to lose it. 

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