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  1. Ok my good friend is growing in an about 5foot tall, 1 foot wide, 1 foot deep foot locker, he has 3 17w(watts used not output) flouro tubes around the sides and a 40wcfl hanging from the top... he will be germinating then sprouting 4 in 4 party cups with regualr old potting soil, he wants to veg for 2 weeks then flower untill all 4 show sex then keep the best female, put her in a bigger pot with some bat guano and better soil and put her back in veg for a while, and provbably end up scrogging and topping a whole bunch, also he will be either foiling the whole area or using poster board which u guys think?

    my questions are can i put into flowering after 2 weeks or can i even earlier, how long will it take about to determine sex, is this enough light for the setup, also about vent would just a small fan uin there be enough circulation or does he need to cut holes and put comp fans in

    -also if he takes the best female and tops and scrogs can this turn it hermie and if so how big of chance is it of it turning hermie

  2. ne1???.... wheres OG when ya need it:( .......... Come on ya old timers help me out
  3. Light is probably ok. No, I would not flower a plant after 2 weeks, it is too immature and will be hard pressed to sex at so young. Plus, if you flower that early, yield will be terrible. If you use foil put the dull side out. Mylar is even better.

  4. yu must not of read but as i said i am putting 1 back into veg after i figure out the males and females, i am only floweing so early cayse i dont have alot of room and i dont want to grow 1 plant and it be a male

  5. this is soooo frusterating i dont c how no1 knows this i have searched the forums but cant find shit
  6. wait until the plant is a decent size before you try to flower to determine sex and then yes you can put it back into the veg cycle by the amount of light you aloow your plant to get
  7. for example putting it on 24/0 or 18/6
  8. what r u talking about?,,,, i am growing in a space that is pretty small in width and legnth (about a foot on both) i know that in order to flower u put it on 12/12 and i will be vegging on 18/6 but i just need to know if i can do this at 2 weeks, how long it will take and if i can just have it on 18/6 for 1st 2 weeks (of growth) put it on 12/12 keep best female and put it directly back to 18/6 no offense but these bullshit answers are really frustrating me like i get these replys that dont even answer any of my questions at all

    fucking sucks that they took overgrow down
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  10. Dont call people names please, just ignore somthing you dont like.
  11. well if he read some of the post he should understand

  12. ??? i didnt call anyonie a name

  13. Headie, do you want me to help you or would you rather just insult me? Because if you are ready for my help, I have an answer for you. Or you can just sit around and wait and see if someone else smarter than me comes around and answers your question. Good luck.
  14. They're telling you that 2 weeks won't be near enough to begin flowering/determine sex, you jackass.
  15. Lol not you.
  16. i do want ur help but i just want to know if it can be done i relalize doing it so early might not be the best but letting 4 seelings grow gro longer than 2weeks in this tiny ass box isnt the best either and growing 1 and it becoming male is just out of the question, i do appreciate the helps its just frustrating when some1 answers u with a question that u answered in ur original post
  17. whats the smallest i pot i can keep the plants in untill i figure out sex also?

    cuz if im gona have to grow them a foot tall im either gona have to cut down to 2 or grow them in like big gulp cups which dont seem big enough to me for a 1ft plant
  18. Smallest pot should probably be an 8" pot maybe a little smaller. I once sexed and flowered an 8" and a 10" plant. Yield was not great but, it can be done. How big are your plants now? It is worth a try. Sounds like you don't have much space so, you don't have much of a choice.
  19. instead of looking for what you wanna hear just try it n see if it dont work 4 ya .. chalk it up as a loss.... otherwise...
    poeple all around the planet flower from the git.... 12/12 from the water leaf..... not a verry effecient way to grow IMO.... i also dont try to force flower ..... when the nodes are staggering i go to bloom .... if they sex male and i have no use for pollen i toss em..... patience is key to the good stuff....

    you CAN put it into 12/12 and determin the sex right now and in three or so weeks know what youve got then re-veg it sure ... then a month or so goes by until its back to veg then its too tall for your little space so you push it back into bloom and a few months later have a bunch of shouldas on your mind...
    take a clone n sex it ..... bag a branch (when it gets one)...... do somthing if its just killin ya....:rolleyes:
  20. Just grow from a clone

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