fool proof clone method!

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  1. Things required

    1 cup
    some water
    slips cut off your favorite plant
    Nice little floro light (30w should do)

    While making some clones the usual way with the hormone and all the good stuff I did a little experiment. I had 5 extra slips left and noplace to put them.

    So i decided to save them and put them in a glass of water, just in case one of my others died real soon (a day or so).

    Anyhow, i put these 5 fresh cuts, nothing more done to them in a glass of warm water and set them under the floro with the otherss.

    Well after 7 days the stem under water looked peppered with root buds. After 10 days it was peppered with tiny little roots.

    Now after 14 days and in soil they are full of roots i can see in the clear cups.

    So now I have 5 extra clones to unload :)

    So if you are timid, give it a try i did nothing and they took.
  2. thats what i do. has worked everytime :) k.i.s.s i love it!!!!
  3. and dont use any rooting hormone i used some an dit just rotted the tips.
  4. ive done it both ways, with and without hormone.

    Ive also done it in soil and in just water.

    I think the key thing is the cut slips need to be warm. Helps to mist if you got the time.

  5. you just want enough to dust the tip. not have clumps hanging off it. you dont need or want a lot.
    only the powder that is touching the cut part of the plant is doing any good.
    the excess powder will clump up and stop air getting to the cut.
    if you ever try it again tap, shake or even blow the extra powder off the cut.
  6. I know, i blew off the extra powder, they still rotted.
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  8. how far away is the light from these guys?
  9. they are sitting on top of my comp desk, so id say about 3 feet from a 60 watt incandescent
  10. yup its as i expected, the lil stringy thing, its a root forming. i may just leave her in water for another 24-48hrs and go ahead on throw her in some dirt :)

  11. then its either to much water or not enough air.

  12. put air in that water.
    either blow air in with a drinks straw or take out the cuts and shake the cup/jar/whatever hard n fast.
    a few seconds will do it.
    do it as often as u can.
  13. Dread did you ever try this? /\

  14. ^^^^^^^^^hey grO that? or something else. im sure they are breathing pretty good. there is also a build up of humidity in the foil. looks good to me, ill change the water tomorrow. or every 3 days. and Thug whatever do you mean?
  15. yes they do have funny charateristics, but they all end up the same in the end. and it more efficient to grow from clones. grOwer was so right about that one, you dont have the guessing game when you germ. but then again, its a different game when you grow from seed. :)
  16. done right clones are far more consistant. For large scale growing or growing with more then one plant this is key because all the plants need and want the same nutes so hydro nutes can be taylored to just that strain.
  17. i say thumbs up to the clones. its taken me since july to figure out what 2 different plants like. and im about to find out how they respond to a completely different gro. just being armed with the knowledge that the strain im growing, prefers a lil more acid than the norm makes me feel comfortable with what im going to be doing. like i said she is comfy at 6.-6.3, florishing actually. i already know how to prepare for my seedlings. no second guessing, and most likely no other adjustments need to be made once they are rooted. so you can kinda see the possibilities of clones. if you have seed, and a record, you already know what the plants capabilities are. you can always have your formula to deviate from
  18. after 48 hrs look here roots and ... :)

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  19. lil white spots! root buds :D

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  20. i have quick question, do you have to cut the slips at a certain angle to use them for clones?? a friend of mine said you have to cut it at a certain angle for it to root. please can someone clarify this for me? thanks

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