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  1. You guys ever go to these? My uncle and I just went to one outside his house called the waffle bus, it was BOMB they make sandwiches with waffles as the bread, they had like cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and salmon ones. Then they had desert ones, a strawberry one and a nutella and banana one which I got, it was fucking amazing.
  2. I don't think I've ever seen one, but hell ya that sounds awesome!
  3. [​IMG]

  4. there used to be lots of food trucks where i used to live. they'd pretty much make your food to order, so it'd be nice and hot! my favorite was a Jamaican truck that would fry up chicken and plantains... & then sell you some ice cream while you waited. the BEST.
  5. I work in a food truck, mayne :D We make cookies, I am only a delivery guy but its a nice gig. The other trucks around us are pretty sweet, got a vegetarian one right down the street. A lot of people think they are really dirty, which, I mean, its s street side vendor, but we keep it as clean as we can and the customers seem happy :)
  6. Lol yep. They have one in downtown Houston, called Wakin bakin.

    Bacon flavored milk anyone?

    The dudes are Just a bunch of stoners, hence the name lol.
  7. The only place I can expect to get real authentic Mexican tacos are from food trucks. I recommend anyone to just try one.
  8. ^I kind of want to try one but there's nothing even close to that where I live (suburbia).

  9. or Mexican corn... which is friggen delicious.

  10. The one I went to only had 3 guys working it do they don't have to split the profits much so I bet they make alot of money.
  11. We used to call it the "roach coach".
  12. Yea we have a few out here I'm Phoenix, but I'm hardly ever in the areas they're at. I know they're big in LA, I'm fucking dying to go to Kogi next time I'm out there.
  13. There's a ton here in Portland including the grilled cheese grill which is just for grilled cheese
  14. Most are really greasy with a flies all over..
  15. Nice thread dude!

    Yeah there is a hamilton food tuck 'GorillaCheese'- PRIMO cheeser wich's!
  16. I hit up the taco trucks out here all the time.

    I wanna go to Jersey and hit up the grease trucks doe. That shit sounds amazing.
  17. I could use a bus full of waffles right now.
  18. Back when I use to live in the San Fernando valley, like twice a week tons of food trucks would show up and park next to each other and stay there till late at night. It was literally down the street from where i lived. They had this grilled cheese truck, a beef jerky truck, even a vegan truck. Mmm they had some fuckin great food too! :D

    Good times, man. Good times..

  19. I'm visiting Portland this Thursday for 2 days, then we're driving to Eugene.
  20. Nah I don't think food trucks are big on the east coast.

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