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  1. You can't buy video games or any of that shit with food stamps , the only thing you can buy is FOOD.
    [quote name='"Jack McClellan"']Ahhhh, the great American welfare programs. Giving away money to lazy monkeys.


    And you , you don't even have 50 posts and I don't like you. Gtfoh with that shit
  2. i for sure have a slight spike in blood pressure when i see this fuckin bullshit. and its not just black people too, its mexicans, white people, etc. makes me want to smash shit.
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    maybe reread my post, where i say that they pay for the food, then buy everything else with a fat stack of cash.

    So you know, a edit doesnt keep a mod from seeing it..
    0 tolerance for homophobic slurs, Its an adult community
    please handle urself as such
  4. name calling and homophobia? wow kid that shit dont fly around here.
  5. dude you have to let the system work for you. give them bills,debt, reciepts for needs anything you can come up with. pull all money out of the bank and give them a bank statement that reflects this nothing in the bank. give them reason to fund you. i once stashed 600-1000 dollars from my job and gave those people a statement that said i had not alot. if i hadnt i wouldnt have been able to get my first appartment. which by the time all my stuff was done with i really had not allot of money left over

  6. im 21, and served in the military for 3 years. youre the kid. and please notice i edited right after posting

  7. oh you're one year older than me. :rolleyes: and you served in the military (cool story bro) also it doesnt matter that you edited it. still did it and the intention was still there.

  8. you should probably just stop talking now. i have my papers, would you like to see them? 2 trips to afghanistan, get on my level, KID.
  9. Just beacuse their poor doesn't mean they shouldn't have some non essentials
  10. oh you're so cool!

    edit: inb4 "i fought for your rights/freedom."
  11. [quote name='"St00bz"']

    maybe reread my post, where i say that they pay for the food, then buy everything else with a fat stack of cash. faggot[/quote]

    Oh my bad man I did misread your op. And btw I just wanted to tell you that your profanity really hurt my feelings. I hope to have enough balls to call someone a faggot over the internet

  12. that is not what my anger with this is focused at, i really dont care what people buy, WITH MONEY THEY EARN. not with money that tax payer dollars, like me and you, that has been given to them.

  13. i edited it right after posting man, was just a little heated atm
  14. Wait, did a 21 year old call someone a kid? :laughing:

    anyways, man...mexicans? If someone called me a Mexican I'd spit in their face.

    Or worse lol.

    Don't ever call a hispanic/partially hispanic person a Mexican unless they are Mexican. It might save you a hospital trip :wave:

  15. um... thats what they did... they bought the food with the food stamps (that their taxes also went towards) and bought everything else with money that they got elsewhere...
  16. Stoobz for tool of the year award

  17. nobody, black white or mexican,( i can call them that because i live in san antonio and 90% of the time, they are from mexico.) is sending me to the hospital unless you are a professional fighter. lol you have alot of free time when your a single, not yet 21 years old, and get paid to stay in shape so i took up mma, been doing it for 2 years, plus im a combat veteran.
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