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  1. I'm thinking of taking a culinary course this coming fall and figured I should start with some different dishes then I'm used to. Mainly I do spaghetti, tacos, egg sammichs. Simple stuff.

    If anyone has a recipe they have been thinking about, post it, and I'll try and make it and hopefully get some pics in too.
  2. Stir fry is what I'll be making soon for lunch.

    1.Just throw some chicken or whatever meat in the frying pan.
    2. After it cooks for a while throw in your veggies
    3. Season: maybe some paprika, chili powder, or some dill seasoning
    4. Put it on a big plate.
    5. Maybe add some soy sauce or some chow mein noodles.
  3. Man do I need a camera. I'd be taking pictures of my food all the time.
  4. Make toast, Spread Chocolate Nutella on it as well as butter. SOOOOO good.
  5. You don't really need recipes. If you know the basic concepts of cooking you can actually do a lot. Especially if you are high and hungry.
  6. Well I'm thinking of going to school for culinary this year and wanted to get some good techniques and what not down. I mean I love to cook, but no one ever asked me to cook. Was either my mom or someone else.

    So I'm kinda wanting to see where my skill level is at right now.
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    You know most of what you need to know. Just apply it to different dishes/variations. Get stoned and experiment with different ideas. I'm not sure if you know much about some less common dishes or obscure foods

    You probably have to understand how to make different soups though. I don't really know how to make soup.

  8. I'm more of a spices person. Fucking genius with spices. Never tried to make soups either so i'm not sure how well that'll go over.

  9. I do that all the time but my family finds it really weird.

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