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  1. So I'm sure everybody here knows about the apple pipe.  What about a food bong?  It extends the concept of an apple pipe to bongs!  An apple would be the bowl, a piece of uncooked rigatoni (or other hollow food item) would be the stem, another apple or some other food that could hold water in it (eggplant? pumpkin?) would be where the water is, and another piece (or 2 or 3) of rigatoni would be the mouthpiece.
    Any ideas for improvements?  I'll try to post a pic if I can.

  2. lol If you can do this then post pics, I am curious to see if this is even possible 
  3. The only issue is to keep the multiple parts airtight so no smoke escapes.  Other than that it should work pretty well.
  4. Puuuuufff mind blown. Yes please post pics of whatever the hell you come up w lol
  5. This reminds me of when my mom would make a skeleton out of various snack vegetables for halloween parties at school. Cool idea though.
  6. I once watched a video where a guy made a nice, big hookah out of a watermellon. He used the juice as the water, and a normal hookah stem for the stem part. I know the food bong would be one-time use, but I'd think getting a decent down-stem and bowl to use whenever you made one would be cool, just like use one from a cheap or broken bong. I think that would help make it air-tight!
    And also, pumpkin carving skills! Those would help.
    Some sort of gel icing might help secure things and make it like using spackle, maybe?
  7. a pineapple can work pretty well for a bong
  8. Just put a little water in the apple and use glass stems.
    Going through all that trouble it wouldn't be fun when the food went bad and rotted.
  9. Watermelon for the body, then use a carrot for the bowl and downstem.  It won't be a slide but you cut the end off of a carrot and make the flat end bowl shaped, then put a hole from the bowl to the skinny end of the carrot and push it into the melon.
  10. The tube part and the downstem of my bong survived when it broke so I made a pineapple bong.  I'll post pics next time I make one.
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    There is a guy on here who makes pipes from everything from carrots to melons. It's pretty amazing i'll try and dig it up for ya.

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