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Food appreciation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by S0BE, May 10, 2010.

  1. Being on a munching spree is one way to just enjoy food. Everything just tastes good, and you can just appreciate it.

    For me one of my favorite food is a PBJ sandwich. Its sooo simple and old but its SOOOO good.

    Ive made quadruple stacked PBJ's befrore, and also dipped PBJ's in ice cream. Nothing can stop a man with the munchies.

    What food do you appreciate the most on a munchin spree.
  2. Toast with honey and chocolate sauce, theres nothing better :eek:

    ... and now i'm officially hungry

  3. toasted toast with peanut butter and then honey is soooooo good. pretty much the only way i eat my cannapeanutbutter :smoking:
  4. Once when i was munchin down i felt like patrick in spongebob, because i was watching spongebob squarepants (it's the shit) and it was an episode where patrick, squidward, and spongebob were stuck in like a kelp forest or somethin and there was a super awesome conch that spongebob and patrick followed as the leader of their clan and some food fell from the sky and squidward asked the conch if he could have some but it said no then patrick asked and it said yes and he fuckin sucked all the food down like a vacuum cleaner.
    idk i'm really high lol :D :smoking:
  5. A nice USDA Prime New York Strip Steak with some sauteed onions. On the side I'll take some fresh, lightly steamed asparagus with a little Hollandaise sauce.

    Thanks. Make sure it's hot, and I'll take that steak done black and blue (charred but rare).
  6. Ham, cheddar, and jalapeno flatbread sandwiches all day!
  7. I do not understand how people say food tastes so good when your high, beacuse it tastes the same to me .. i just don't really taste it lmao .
  8. ...
  9. How sad for you :(
  10. what?
    all food just tastes SOOOO good for me. I feel soo bad for you, lol.
  11. What is wrong with you haha. You smoking grass blades?
    I have to say FOOD ranks in the top2 of my favorite activies to do while high and one of my favorite things you get from a high. idk the other 1o_O

    I just ate a honeybun and welches fruit snacks and it tasted like gods penis dipped in honey and an entire forest of different kinds of freshly bloomed juicy fruits. I love marijuana...
  12. Yo, I got some mint cookies, some froot loops, and some goldfish.
  13. Haha you guys .. Yeah idk im usually doing blades with fine fucking kush ( i dont smoke rag ) and i don't feel it like you guys. I mean SURE, i munch out, cause i do it hardcore, i just don't have this appreciation like everyone else, i just eat it and all of a sudden its gone, ive forgotten about the taste, and i wanna munch out more , so then i do ..
  14. LOL. It sounds really yummy. :D We have no food at my house. so if im hungry i have to eat like, fucking pasta.

    What else do you like to do high?
  15. Ah I see. Well at least you can enjoy the feeling of satisfying your munchies. Maybe youll acquire the amazing appreciation sometime lol.
    For me, it was 10x more amazing before I became a vet. My beginner highs with food, was the best thing in the world.
  16. A vet ?

    & me too. i remember the first day i got high, i was munching hardcore on carrorts, it felt like the dots on my tongue were like popping off my mouth . it was soo aamazing holy fuck
  17. veteran. a "seasoned toker" lol. I lawled at your post. I just made some chef boyardee ravioli and bout to play fall out3. ;D
  18. Ohh haha. & ty.. ? also fun stuff . ! i dont have a tv or gaming system ..

  19. your prob just eating to fast to realize it lol.. and if not that just really sucks for you lol. munchin out is the best, but i really do think it kills your high
  20. honey straight from the jar
    sooo fucking good mmmmmmm think im gnna go do that

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