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  1. Pot In A Box: Has Instant Marijuana Arrived?
    Tuesday, August 14, 2001
    by Michael Hall
    Abbotsford Times (email <>) (web <>)
    Nick Brusatore has developed an appliance that makes growing marijuana quick, clean, safe and - get this - undetectable to police.
    "Police can't detect it at all," he said. "The only way people find out you have it is if you've got a big mouth."
    The appliance, Power Grow System, is a six-foot tall aluminum box on wheels. It resembles a wide refrigerator and plugs into a 110-volt household socket. And, he claims, it's CSA approved.
    The hydroponic system grows plants itself. Plug it in, add seeds and water, then shut the door and watch the timer.
    "It does everything by itself," said Brusatore, a 35-year-old machinist who lives in Maple Ridge.
    He is part-owner of All-Round Industries, a company in North Vancouver that has done parts work for B.C. Hydro.
    "I design things for a living," Brusatore said.
    He designed the Power Grow System, which has generated $400,000 in sales in just three weeks.
    The grow system has three chambers: One for cloning, one for vegetation and another for flowering.
    Timers regulate water, carbon dioxide and fluorescent lights - not metal halide - in the unit, which has fans to circulate air and an exhaust system to eliminate smells.
    The fluorescent lights provide enough luminaries for plants to thrive. "The more luminaries the better," Brusatore said.
    Metal halide lamps create heat, which creates bacteria. Because there is little heat with fluorescent lights, no pesticides are needed.
    Fans also help maintain the temperature at 80 degrees inside the grow system.
    The lack of humidity allows the plants to grow quickly without bugs and bacteria.
    "It simulates the perfect tropical climate to for plants to grow," Brusatore said. "It will grow marijuana as efficiently as any grow-op out there." The system can grow one to two pounds of marijuana in six to eight weeks, enough to last casual users months.
    "It depends what people need," he said. "Some people are having to smoke it quite heavily."
    Brusatore sold his first unit three weeks ago and 29 more since, all to individuals from B.C. He has applied for a patent and soon expects to receive electrical safety approval to sell his Power Grow System in the U.S. One unit sells for $3,600
    Brusatore is currently working on 50 more orders and has a waiting list 22 requests long.
    He came up with the idea a year ago after reading much about the federal government's plan to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.
    Federal Health Minister Allan Rock announced new medicinal marijuana regulations on July 4. The regulations allow people to use and grow marijuana to alleviate conditions such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis, or if they are terminally ill. A mine in Manitoba is being used as a secure growing facility to produce marijuana for government testing and distribution.
    Brusatore is trying to capitalize on the new legislation and wants Health Canada to consider making it mandatory for people with prescriptions to grow marijuana to use his appliance.
    He also plans to donate five per cent or more of all profits from the Power Grow System to the Canadian Cancer Society.
    He seldom smokes marijuana. He doesn't have much time, with work and kids. And it makes him tired.
    "It doesn't do anything for me."
    Copyright The Abbotsford Times.
  2. Roach, have you heard anything else about this box? Is he still producing them, if so, how do I go about putting in an order?
  3. that sounds pretty damn cool, what did you say that price was $3,600? that's not pocket change so it'll take me a few weeks but i think i'm gonna get one of them things
  4. Thats awsome!
  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    must buy need money

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  6. the server was down last night so i didnt get to see a pic of it but wtf its so small you couldnt even get it to flowering

  7. yeah it seems small, so whut exactly makes it undetectable to police? i mean i bet, no i know you could make the same fucking thing cheaper than that. And probably better. the only thing that looks good to me is that its undetectable to police, but couldn't you make almost any growroom undetectable?
  8. Hey, has anyone here bought one of these things? Just wondering if they live up to their expectations. That's a bold statement, two pounds in eight weeks, on only that possible?
  9. have u guys ever heard of the cage?
    something like 72 plants hydroponically in one wardrobe sized box!

    sorry if thats already been brought up... i didnt really read.
  10. no i haven't heard of the cage but that sounds cool.
  11. For $3,600 you could do a much nicer stealth cab than that.

    MUCH MUCH nicer.

    And with a more realisitic yield figure too!

    Makes you think though, if he's taken $400k in orders in the first x weeks then whoever starts bulk producing a grownup version will be in for some serious wedge.

    New business venture anyone?
  12. Cops catch you with het eminating from HID lighting, fluros generate no heat... therefore alot of these cabinets stacked or placed together will not be cheap but easily done and handled.... btw, New T9 Kelvin technology allows fluros 3 ft long to emit 45k lumens for about 7-8 small tubes in a chamber, about a 400 watt hps.... so thats why cops cant detect, and the price is high....

  13. If you're spending almost 4 grand on a set up you can remove the heat signature from just about any light.

  14. they can't do that anymore.... its been deemed illegal....cause of invasion of privacey......look it up.
  15. My "grow box" cost me less than $200 . Works fine.

    3'X3'X5' .................3 ,50watt H.P.S. and 3 fans from old computers.

    Plywood painted with mildew resistant Zinser "mighty white "bathroom paint. Piano hinged door.

    Fits right in my walk in closet ,and cannot be heard.

    Grows 3 ,Nl# 5 to perfection.

    co2 can be produced with a bit of brewers yeast.
    Light and ballast ,casters ? ,ventilation ,timers ,stainless steel cabinet.....................can all be cost reduced by careful selection and a bit of knowledge about what it is you are trying to accomplish.

    It's a 'weed' after all.:)

    just a weed :) :) :)
  16. grows 1 to 2lbs of marijuana in 6 - 8 weeks? wtf strain has he got his hand on! i dont care how good of a room you have, if you can grow that much in that amount of time its all in the plant...... not the fancy rediculously expensive box....

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