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  1. Thanks for all the advice! I got some good feedback to my question "should I top smoking weed for a guy, as I enter the professional arena" and I guess I have a follow up question... are their young professional men who want a girl that smokes a lot? Just curious at this point
  2. I'm sure there are, there are millions of people in the world so asking a small margin of people isn't going to give you a good answer. Do what you want, and if someone appreciates you for you then they will. Don't change for anybody, because if they liked you for you then they wouldn't care about your smoking habit, unless it causes problems. :smoke:
  3. I would say guys wouldn't care. I mean, define "a lot". If you're entering the professional arena, then you might have to stop smoking weed anyways

  4. sure. I'd love to have a girl that packed a bowl right after work, or who hits the bong all day when it rains, but she's also gotta understand that I can't really take her to work social events if she's high or wearing a pro-legalization shirt either. There's a balance in there somewhere, and that's probably different for everyone.
  5. My brother is very professional and his wife smokes everyday. He doesn't have a problem with it at all, so I think they are out there. But I am not a guy. lol. I am not a 'professional' woman, just an artist, so I don't think I will ever have this problem but if I did, I wouldn't be with someone who didn't accept my smoking. :)
  6. LOL no! I have plenty of friends who are going to go into corporate America when we graduate and they all smoke bud.

    Just because they're in a suit doesn't mean here not down to smoke...I mean look at you!

    Sure fire way is to date a guy in finance. They knows how ta parrtyyyyyty

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