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  1. so after my plants got stolen i was naturaly angry and devistated,

    so i seeked revenge, i wanted to find the person that done this

    i had 4 massive plants and theyy took the 2 biggest,

    asoon as i found out they were gone i was on the fone to my mates...
    anyway after alot of pissin about and askin questions we got a name, turns out it was some little spanish fagot and he gave no strugle to give it bk...well that was only one plant. his mate (a 13 yr old spanish lad) had the other...
    great some little kid has my plant... so... i went to see his mother(as u do)

    .. she says he came in late the previous evening with a massive plant(my bAby) and they saw him and chucked it in the bin! that one was gone...i later hear that his dad is a drug dealer so i defo wasnt gettin that bk....

    anyway i went bk and chopped my other plant i got bk and hung it to dry... turns out its the best shit goin and everyone loves it... RESULT!
    and i got a massive 14 oz off it!
    i still have my other 2 plants in the ground and they are lookin great.. really christaly so thats gonna b another gd harvest.
    ... however the other lad that stole my plants (the older one) has got a nice bike (at the moment) haha BOOOM;):wave:
  2. haha nice the bikes probly too small for you, so creek that shit :)
  3. sounds like a pussy stealing bikes

    atleast bop him in the face or take his lunch money :hello:
  4. bit hard cos i live in spain and theres alot more of them than us...
    so gotta play it the way they do.... bye bye motor bike:devious::D

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