follow my progress! Detailed organic and hydroponic grow.

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  1. Hey everyone hows it going?
    this here is my first grow. I've been doing all the research i can to find out what was
    best for me and my situation and this is what I've come up with. I'll try to lay everything out and provide as many pictures along the was as i can so you can know exactly whats goin on.

    obviously input is totally welcomed, thats the only reason i posted this thread! so PLEASE share your thoughts comments. here we go!


    -1x150w HPS light.
    -1 uva/uvb reptile flc (for some blue spectrum)
    -6' (250 cfm) duct booster for exhaust.
    -long hole cut out of wall for intake at bottom of room.
    -6 inch fan for circulation, it points up towards the light to keep
    it cool and to help the hot air rise quicker.
    -Two standard grounded timers.

    -Height: 5ft 7in
    -Width: 1ft 11in
    -Depth: 2ft 4 in

    current plant count:4

    -Two blue mist (blue dreams crossed with cali mist) seedlings
    *Growing in: organic soil, coconut hust and perlite.
    *Gertilizer: flora Nova grow

    -two yard plants (found it growin in a yard)
    *Sex: one male, one female.
    *Growing in: (male)organic soil til i transplant it outside far away from my house.
    (female) hydroponic top feed system. hydroton medium
    Fertlizer:Flora Nova


    daily checklist>>

    _not burning plants.
    _clean glass.
    _wires secured on wall.
    _hooks secure.

    _vent fan working.
    _room fan working.
    _blowing on plants but not too hard.
    _cords secured.

    _all wires secured and working.
    _timers set accordingly and working.
    _all plugs in plug holes securely.
    _no water on cords
    _cords off the ground


    Vegatative growth cycle>>

    nutrients:flora Nova series. (grow: 7-4-10)
    useing one 1tbls per U.S gallon for seedlings and young female in bucket.

    lights: 18 on 6 off.
    temp:87 (avg) (little hot I know)
    hum:40 (avg)

    feeding schedule:
    *top drip bucket: 30 min on and 1 hour off for top drip feeding.
    *seedlings in soil: every othder day normally, or everyday. soil drys out quick due to high heat.

    plants have been goin for a while but theyve all been in very unstable conditions until i got them into this environment so were going to start the timeing over. the actual age for the female in the bucket is a little under two months and the seedlings are about 2 weeks old now.

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