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  1. 4:20...where did that come from? i'd like to know...i live in chicago and it's hard to get really good shit but i can manage..i got a friend who's girlfriend lives in canada and they meet up in michigan to get 1/4 pounders of canadian weed ohh yeaaa...also i got a friend that will get some "train wreck" grade A plus weed on 4/20 and i sure cannot wait!! on 4/20 me n friends are gonna go to lake shore drive and smoke smoke smoke smoke outta a phillie titan salad with all of our weed, and gonna try to get some hash's fly time baby!
  2. HIGH!! welcome, always glad to "see" new faces at the CITY!!!! :wave: :smoking:
  3. Glad to so a person so adamant about 420. And ive heard about that train wreck stuff. Supposed to be good shit. =)

  4. cool can't wait to find out about that stuff...shit a lot of people toke dont they? i work at a hooters and all them girls be tokin' here and there, wow. im proud to be a stoner!!! haha i just smoked with a nice looking milano girl today in the beautiful weather here!!! how about that!? ya'll enjoying the weather today?
  5. I have to say that trainwreck packs one nice stone. Smoking it right now actually. One of Northern California's best strain. Welcome to Grasscity hope you like it :)

    oh yah hash oil is very very good :)

    "Keep on rockin in a free world"
  6. 420 is a police signal for drug use or sumthing pertaining to drugs.....
  7. That's a myth dizzysavage... Someone posted a LONG thing about its origins around this place already somewhere... I don't have the energy to look it up right now LOL so Phishhead just ran to grab something about it... OK, it originates from this group of kids called "the Waldos" from Marin County who used to meet around that time after school to smoke a few doobs, and it went from there.

    Otherwise hey dude welcome to Grasscity :D Trainwreck is definitely a treat and so is hash oil :) hope you enjoy!

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