Foliers ( foliage spray ) and bud growth topical spray nutriments ?

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  1. When I lived on ,- The Big Island - - " Hawaii " I had local people who made some killer stuff , but now here on the mainland I am stumped for getting those here :eek:

    So Gang Of Ganja Gangstas what are you guys using here on the mainland for foliers and bud increases from topical spraying ?:confused:


    Local Boy
  2. Terracycle, Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed.
  3. Your a gent thanks very much :)


    Local Boy
  4. No problem. There are alot of foliar sprays that are 100% organic, do a little research and discover what you like the best. Those are the two I use pretty much the whole life of the plant. GooD LucK
  5. Hey Greenvbudz :

    My first grow here on the mainland is looking good , it's budding time and they are well on their way looking fat , but I want fatter like I have grown before on the Big Island Hawaii . I have a group of " shorties " outside they are smelling so good and getting sticky as can be :hello:

    I'm gonna make a try at cloning this because this strain seems to really relieve my degenerative disc condition's pain best and although all types work this one seems to deliver the goods fastest for the effect of pain relief .

    Just started to use a vaporizer , wow this is cool , what a savings on the amount needed to do the job , it's like 3 to 1 compared to the one to one ratio on a bong or joint .

    Easy man .


    Local Boy
  6. Aloe, coconut, liquid silica, and sprouted seed teas...
    Mix your soil right, you don't need foliar sprays to induce "bud increases".  :rolleyes:
  7. starting with a molasses/guano spray, once stems fatten and foliage spreads a transition to kelp oriented foliar is logical and alternating with a micro-nutrient foliar then back to the initial mix with a calcium buffer if needed. I prefer silicate at the root level.
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    I use a variety of things....
    Compost tea- my plants love getting showered in compost tea :) (typically worm castings, premixed cooked mineralized soil, sometimes added kelp meal or alfalfa meal with molasses or Carboload for carbs.) I also use a product by TandJ Enterprizes for compost teas, along with yucca extract.
    I use some lab designed high calcium/phosphorus sprays with 2 combos of Nitrogen, nitrate for veg and ammonical nitrogen for flowering (NON organic). In addition to this I use a Spray Adjuvicant by the same lab which is organic and plant durived, and yucca extract.
    For an organic spray my plants love- cold pressed seaweed, organic B by Adv Nutr, carboload by Adv Nutr, 2-4-0 hydrolyzed fish by bonide and General Organics cal mag 5:1 ratio Cal:Mag, Fulvic Acid, and Yucca Extract for a surfacant.
    To all three of these sprays I was adding earthjuice microblast which is pretty much micronutrient sulfates, but I couldn't find it, so picked up some Heavy 16 prime enhancer which is very similar, but I don't believe organic.
  9. Bubble 1/2 cup of Kelp meal overnight and spray with that. Will save you a bunch of cash in the end.
    Not to mention better results...
  11. Op I can't help but read your posts in a Hawaiian accent.

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