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  1. I asked this question in the Organic section but it applies here as well :

    When I lived on ,- The Big Island - - " Hawaii " I had local people who made some killer stuff , but now here on the mainland I am stumped for getting those here :eek:

    So Gang Of Ganja Gangstas what are you guys using here on the mainland for foliers and bud increases from topical spraying ?:confused:


    Local Boy
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    Foliar spraying is seldom a good idea, especially in high humidity areas. The only time I ever foliar spray is when the plants have problems and need to absorb a nute quickly to alleviate a serious deficiency or when spraying with a 10% milk solution to control mildew. If you MUST foliar spray, mornings are preferred over evenings. Spray it on top of the natural morning dew if possible.
  3. Hello Old Pork :

    The issue of " folier use " is what are people using on the mainland using for this type application who are using this type of nutriment fertilization process .

    In Hawaii all of the big time growers use topically sprayed foliers for the first stage of growth and also in the beginning stage of the flowering .

    Issues of humidity do not apply in the outdoor ops in Hawaii and also where I am living here on the mainland USA .

    What was discovered in Hawaii ( I'm sure elsewhere too where it was first discover - who knows where ? ) is that fertilizer nutriment absorption through the plants :

    " skin " and " leaf/flower "

    was a significant means of efficient delivery to the point of significant plant size growth to the tune of mega big buds .

    What goes down from place to place I suppose applies to the issue of humidity problems as I have read here in this forum for indoor growing problems as might be the issue in your situation , sorry if that's so because I have used these methods in the past on The Big Island of Hawaii and seeeeeeeen the difference :hello: and I might add these were totally " organic " types of topical spray fertilizers too .

    Some of the areas in Hawaii where outdoor gorillla growers do their thing is in the :

    " sugar cane fields "

    When during the two year growth process of the sugarcane , airplanes are used to deliver the folier ferts to the sugarcane fields to increase their upward growth . Well the guys with hidden plants tucked away inside these sugarcane fields are reeping the benefit of these topically applide foliers that are sprayed along with the sugarcane to their plants first stage of growth to the tune of 30 footers ! Of this I kid you not one iota . This along with other facts in Hawaii make for shit that can only be grown in sub tropical environments with rich volcanic soil .

    I'm sure indoor growing can be " enhanced " by this technique as well if applied properly .

    Thanks Old Pork for taking time to read the post the input you wrote I will take to heart .


    Local Boy
  4. Local Boy

    Friends of mine who grew in Hawaii talked about seaweed extracts being applied as a foliar spray (I use this product weekly along with fish hydrosylate enzyme).

    They also told me about spraying coconut juice (not coconut milk or coconut cream which are manufactured products). The coconut juice is interesting because it's 100% pure. In WWII coconut JUICE was used as a blood replacement in the battlefields in the Pacific.

    I've played around with coconut juice in aerated compost teas for our raised beds and it wasn't interesting enough to continue the exercise. No harm done - just a lot of work busting open a friggin' coconut for 5 oz. of juice - LOL

    You're good to go with seaweed extract and fish hydrosylate products. Please, please don't use fish enzymes like the Alaskan Fish Emulsion products. They're loaded with mercury and other heavy metals which are not found in the hydrosylate forms.


  5. Use Earth Juice Essential Spray in conjuction with Earth Juice Micro Blast as a foliar spray.

    They claim the essential spray helps with smell and taste and the micro blast will supply the micronutrients.

    The whole Earth Juice line is AWESOME, organic but pricey.....I make my own teas for Bloom and Grow fertilzers but buy the Earth Juice Catalyst to mix in with the homebrew....
  6. Exceprts :

    Alooooooooooooha Lumper Dawgz :

    Mahalo ! Thanks for the input on this I knew I would get someone here in this forum who uses this method to respond ! :hello:

    You busted me up with the coconut story heh heh . I busted tons of those suckers to use to eat and make coconut milk and coconut oil too . I lived close to soooo many coconut palms and had one in my front yard , a lightning bolt took it out one night :eek:

    I took it for granted and never read what the heck this stuff was made of because I saw the results and was sold on the stuff locals made there .

    Lots of fishing done there in those waters , mercury test showed that most Hawaiian caught fish we pretty much clean of any pollutants as well as the seaweed . There are many types of seaweed here , one called limokohu is my fav to eat !

    Any of those that you use have a " brand name " ?

    Again much mahalo bra ,

    Aloha nuiloa

    Local Boy
  7. Hello No.Bay Nugs :

    This is great , I love this forum it's got super people with super attitudes over all . As in the post from Lumper Dawgz and Old Pork the input is appreciated too .

    The comment of making tea you made is significant to me cause you/me/they all know there are days you want to smoke and just can't for what ever reason(s) . The taste you get from well grown herb is divine , I would never use anything that would taint it .

    Anymore input will be appreciated by myself and other inquiring minds :D

    Aloha man

    Local Boy

  8. Local Boy

    On the seaweed extract, the one that companies like Liquid Karma, Kiss-Me-Here, Kiss-Me-There, and the rest of the bottle magical elixirs found in grow stores is the powdered, soluble seaweed extract manufactured in Nova Scotia by Acadian Seaplants which is also the manufacturer and distributor for the overwhelming majority of kelp meal sold in the Western Hemisphere. They spent several millions and millions of dollars building this facility.

    The problem is that Acadian Seaplants only sell in 20 kg. (44 lb.) bags and then it's only to manufacturers who are going to be buying more than one bag, i.e. they ain't gonna be selling you or I a single bag and shipping it.

    Fortunately there is a source who sells it by the 1 lb. pack for $12. I should probably put in this disclaimer: This individual is someone who I know through the organic farming paradigm and I have bought and sold his compost tea brewers, i.e. I don't come to this with clean hands.

    At any rate, the mixing ration is 1.5 tsp. per gallon of water. It goes a long, long way. Maxicrop has a powdered seaweed products as well. By the time you do the math, it costs $26.00 per lb. and it isn't nearly as good as the product from Acadian Seaplants. Regardless, here's the link to the source.

    On the fish product, there any number of products out there. Here's a compilation of a few (and there are several others) companies offering the fish hydrolysates - here - scroll down to about the middle of the page to this section: Fish Products (Emulsion and Hydrolysates)

    And no - there isn't a difference between any of these products meaning that you won't have to go to the grow store ('indoor garden center' - excuse me) and listen to some drivel how this 'fish product' is vastly superior to any other mainly because that's the only brand that the store carries. Engage the sales clerk on what exactly fish hydrolysates are or even how they work and watch them scurry off to warn another customers about the horrors of 'cal-mag lockout' which from what I can tell is worse than the heartbreak of psoriasis.


  9. [quote name='Local Boy']Hello No.Bay Nugs :

    The comment of making tea you made is significant to me cause you/me/they all know there are days you want to smoke and just can't for what ever reason(s) . ]

    I think you misunderstood me. Instead of buying Earth Juice Grow & Bloom i make my own organic fertilzers using bulk ingredients.

    For the bloom i use bone meal, seabird guano and kelp meal (1 cup each), mollasses and oat bran meal. Then i add a 1-2 "real" beers (Sierra Nevada or Deschutes Brewing: it has lots of yeast). Last I add the Earth Juice Catalyst (if i have it) I use one gallon containers and add water to fill the rest and then shake the shit out of it. Then let it sit in the sun for 2 days. After that place in a cool dark place for storage. I use a few oz. of "tea" to 1 gallon of water.

    For the Grow i just use Texas Bat Guano (high Nitrogen) in lieu of bone meal and seabird guano.

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