Foliar Spraying Burn

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  1. I had some mites and diluted Pest Out per instructions and applied it foliarly to mostly the underside (as well as topside) of the leaves during the veg. 'night' cycle. Low and behold the leaves are badly burnt---as in drying a lot/browning and drooping. Damage is done, but what is the best way to bring them back to health? Thanks a lot.
  2. I dont have much experience in this area, but it would seem to me that removing most of the dead matter and then heavily spraying down with clean water with the lights off or when they first come on would be a good start.
  3. if its foliar spraying burn it wouldn't happen during the nigth cycle because the lights arent on to burn the plant. foliar spraying burn happens when the curved surface of the droplets of water create a lens, magnifying the light and burning small spots on your leaves where the droplets were. if your leaves are uniformly brown and dying then i suspect the problem isnt spray burn. pH fluctuations can cause nutrient lockouts that cause spotting that may be confused as spray burn. example

    whenever you have any problem its always a good idea to do a ph test because more often than youd think ph is the problem. if you could get us some pictures of the plant we'd be able to help you alot more. hope this helps!
  4. i read awhile back to only use soapy water then wash the leafs with plain for mites

    maybe the cem solution didnt take well to resting on the leafs
  5. Thanks for the feedback, perhaps a tad bit more info could help. Pest Out is an organic garlic oil etc. based solution you dilute in water to spray with. I sprayed, giving several hours until the lights came on again to try and avoid burning. I do not think the light burned the leaves as there are no droplet dots, just uniform sagging, brittle, dry leaves (esp. on the smaller, less established plants). I checked the res. and the pH is in a good range---I check daily so I know it didn't shoot around much.
    I am not sure of what the problem is---maybe the stuff sucked out moisture? {It's oil-based so I sort of doubt that it's hydrophilic}.
    All I can think of to fix this:
    Should I start foliar spaying at night with a toned down fert. solution to try and help the leaves and keep on the N for new green growth?
    Any other ideas? Thanks a lot guys.

    PS Sorry on pic unavailability---think of a wilt with brown/dead leaves with healthier leaves tips and edges yellowing/drying. (It is definately related to the spray and not ferts. etc)
  6. Who is the idiot that came up w/foliar feeding then leaving it dark. Man that is the worst thing possible for weed. It makes Fungus and Mold easily contracted.

    Always foliar feed w/light off so you dont get it wet and jill yourself. But after foliar turn lights back on.

    Light burn from water drops? Are you nuts. I've never EVER seen this in 20yrs under every light made. Light burn ONLY occurs to leaves too close to a light.

    The sun doesn't burn all plants after rain and Its google times stronger?
  7. i havent seeen it either and apparently its really hard to do but if your lights are way too close it can happen.thats i think i misunderstood what he meant by foliar spraying burn (foliar nute burn not light burn, my bad) if its just a dry dead wilt id remove the completely dead leaves and spray with straight water with no nutes in it all because it sounds like your nute solution is way too powerful for foliar feeding.
  8. I am not foliar feeding at all---I only did the one application of the Pest Out to combat the mites and after the following 'day' cycle they were wilting from the stuff. I don't think it was the wetness that caused it, just the Pest Out in the water.
    Now I'm just trying to recoup from the burning the Pest Out did. I guess I'll try the water spray at nights and see if that helps. Thanks for the responses.
  9. oops stoner moment i meant to say straight water because a nute solution WOULD be too strong for already burnt leaves, they may not be able to handle more nutes in their damaged state so clean water will clear that out.

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