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Foliar Spray

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by WeefNugginelli, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. I'm looking to make my own foliar spray for preventative measures for mold and bugs. I can't seem to find anything good on what herbs and essential oils are good for preventing mold and bugs?

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  2. you want pure cold pressed neem oil.

    per gallon foliar:
    mix 1Tbs neem oil with 1Tsp protekt silica (or other silica product, or soak soapnuts overnight and use the water to emulsify) mix with luke warm water and add the rest of the water.
    you can add 1/4Tsp aloe vera x200 powder per gallon to this.

    spray once a week at or as close to lights out as neem degrades with exposure to light. make sure to cover the entire plant and leaves, especially the under side of all the leaves. can be used throughout veg and up to week 3 of flower (or even later if need at a lower dilution rate)

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  3. Thanks brother

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    and hot pepper tea to fight mites

    6 habanero peppers + 1 liter of water.
    slice thin
    cook on medium heat for 30 minutes
    Pass through coffee filter
    spray as is after cooling, store in fridge

    its a good pair with neem oil but dont use it in flower. It has no effect on soil mites, which are beneficial to decomposition
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  5. Milk, sugar, hydrogen peroxide
  6. Tastes like shit Grandma.
    Look up Gil Caradang. Apple cider vinegar/garlic/ginger. Good PM fighter. He has a ton of different recipes that may interest you.
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  7. @Sc00byD00bie Have you ever heard of the mites n mildew washout spray? I used to use cold pressed neem with the emulsifier and surfactant but switched over to this because its basically just pre-emulsified neem. Makes it super easy and no more mess of the neem oil. Figured id mention it so you could check it out and tell me what you think!
  8. A super duper anti PM foliar spray is to get a bottle of kombucha and spray it on the plants. The bacteria will continue fighting off PM for a few weeks. Plus is generally nutritious as a foliar. Just pick a fruit or black tea flavor. Black tea is higher N. Fruit is higher K. Tried and tested true by a few growers over the years including me.
  9. it looks like its just neem and an emulsifier mix, kinda pricey too. an 8oz cost $40 while 8oz of Ahimsa neem oil will cost you $12, and the required amount of silica and surfactant additional $2 at most. not to mention when i buy neem oil i know what brand and the quality of oil im getting.
    as for mess, try mixing it in a jar or bottle you keep just for that. when done rinse it out with warm water and put aside till next time. i make it fresh every week and the only thing that really needs cleaning after is the measuring spoon.

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