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    Hi there, so a while back I was told on here I have a magnesium and calcium deficiency
    So I did a spray with Epsom salts and I don't know if it helped,it didn't hurt my plant.I heard that soap like dawn added would work as a spreader but it still dripped off the plant quickly. I've been reading you can use vegetable oil(like horticultural oil) in spray applications.Can I mix in some vegetable oil with a drop of dawn dish soap and Epsom salts in water ph'd with vinager.(tap water is 8.0)
    Would using vegetable oil in a foliar spray hurt my plant?. I'm just looking for something to use as a cheap spreader sticker(don't have the money to buy from hydro store) .
    I'm only treating for a nutrient deficiency, no bugs or pesticides are being used. I just don't think the Epsom foliar spray is staying on the leafs long enough to absorb it.So what should I do? Do recommend using vegetable oil as a foliar spray? This is my first grow and she's a big mother I've been growing for almost 6 months and don't want to lose her! Could I use dolomite lime to help with the magnesium and calcium deficiency? my soils Ph is 6 so its a little acidic.WHAT SHOULD I DO? HELP!:smoking::hello:
  2. Veg oil is sure to plug the stomas. I wouldn't use it. Would leave a nice sheen tho.

    The lime will buffer Ph but takes a while to do this.

    I dunno a 6month investment seems worthy of a 20$ bottle of calmag, and some ph down
    If that truly is the defiency, without a pic of her we have to assume your diagnosis as correct.

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