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foliar spray during flower cycle

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by The Green Mile, May 23, 2011.

  1. just got done with week 1 of flowering
    i was just wondering when the appropriate time to stop foliar spraying my babies

    just love the way my babies look after a nice nutrieated bath ;)

    thanks for any input

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  2. stop at first sign of pistils(white hairs) they will shrivel and burn.
    personally I don't foilar feed at all most nutes are phytotoxic meaning that they can burn the stomata or something like that I'm no xpert thou.
  3. so would you say maybe after week 1 or week 2 of flowering to stop foliar spraying?

    thats surprising that you're against foliar...ive read so much that the plants love it...hmm

    i shall do more research lol but thanks for the input
  4. No need for it at all. Never spray anything on your bud.
  5. yes stop in the first week
    most of us don't foiliar spray for a couple of reasons.
    1st it creates mist very dangerous with hid lights could explode.
    2cnd if ur feeding nutes in the water and foiliar the chance of burn increases.
    3rd most nutes are phytotoxic to the plant meaning it will burn or close the stomata which are responsible for growth "when closed plants slow growth"

    they look pretty bad.
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    really? is that just for the flower cycle that i shouldnt foliar spray?

    can i still spray throughout the veg cycle?

    im on day 11 of flowering...and this is my 1st grow so dont be too harsh

    are they looking alright?
  7. I can see why folks in super dry places with under 30 humidity may find a reason to spray during veg. Other then that I can not find one.
  8. I've never sprayed anything on a plant and so far so good. My humidity has ranged from 20% to 80% depending on time of day and conditions. I'd be worried that spraying em might invite mold or mildew.
  9. it rains on plants all the time u just got to be careful.

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