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  1. What's happening my good people.

    Quick Question.

    1st outdoor grow and I'm learning to leave my plants alone. Was watering small amounts daily - now I'm letting the plants dry out a bit and feeding multiple gallons 2X/week

    Saturdays get a nice soil feeding of Nutrient Water (Organic go-box) and then Wednesday's gets a nice soil feeding of plain water.

    Since Wednesday is my NON-NUTRIENT day, I was thinking about mixing up a gallon of spray with some Fox Farms Kelp Me Kelp You and doing a foliar feeding on Tuesday night after the sun goes down.

    I was thinking on Tuesday night the plant would be a little thirsty so a foliar feeding would be accepted well.

    Am I thinking about this correctly?
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  2. Depends on what stage your plants are in. Are you still in veg or flower? If I was foliar feeding in veg, I would be using Verde 16-1-2, and when I foliar scary I make sure that I spray underneath the leaves as well. That's in my experience.
  3. I'm in Northern CA so I'll be in veg for another 3 weeks or so I'm thinking. I've heard around Aug 1 is when flowers start.

    @Mahmo - Do you stop foliar when you hit flower or do you use a different product?
  4. I am in NorCal as well. So unless you want your plants to flip early I would be using Verde or something like the ratio of 16-1-2. Good luck with your grow.
  5. IMO your logic is right on . Foliars are a great technique to us between feedings. it’s good way to give them a little push without going over board. Kelp is great choice for foliar, its loaded with trace minerals and plant hormones. I think you have right idea doing the foliar between waterings. I think if the soil is some what dry the plant will use more energy taking in moisture through its dermal system (leaves&stems). Night time is always best or right around sunset. I would avoid doing the foliar in direct sun to avoid any burning. Good luck

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  6. I only foliar feed during the veg stage. My understanding of Kelp Me Kelp You is not a foliar feed. It is designed to feed your soil and root system for microbial and macronutrients because it has a very low NPK ratio and is kelp based. I mainly use kelp, and other fish oils, crab concentrates, molasses and organic compost when I brew my tea which is once a week to feed soil and promote healthy roots and good uptake of nutrients. When my plants go into pre flower I start reducing "N" ratio and boost "P" & "K", to promote the budding process. We all have different methods and these have served me very well. Good Luck!
  7. Yessir good job . Most beginner growers fuck up their plants from too much TLC. They are called a weed because well they are. They would grow fine and flower without our help. Buds be pretty small though.

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